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"the" demo
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unfinished routines
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  • 2023 08 : Assembly Summer 2023 - Demo: WAKE UP / RISE UP by OUTRON & Seven_dc
  • 2015 12 : The Return - Bitlove | 60fps (#NFTYR loader 60)
  • 2006 08 : 1995 by Kewlers & mfx (2006) (FullHD 1080p demoscene demo)
  • 2023 11 : Bubble Universe DOS port
  • 2023 09 : Transmissions from Outer Space by immibis (linux demo)
  • 2023 09 : rtz23 quantumTunnel | deadline demo party entry
  • 2023 09 : Katsumaki by Still / Realtime animation for Deadline 2023
  • 2023 09 : TGD - Nulla
  • 2023 09 : Beatballs 4K intro for Function 2023
  • 2023 09 : ▶
  • 2023 09 : Schnelle Kurven, Harte Cuts
  • 2023 09 : Attentionwhore - hypotrain
  • 2023 08 : 1976 by Damage (3840x2160)
  • 2023 08 : Vague [Windows] (2023) MadWizards {Core i9 RTX 2080}
  • 2023 08 : Onset by Suspend
  • 2023 08 : Photons Are All We See - PC 4kB intro by Altair
  • 2023 08 : H26.33 by Ajna
  • 2023 08 : Proxima Centauri: Das Färjan
  • 2023 08 : Scene Archetypes by Istari (Amiga Intro) 2023
  • 2023 08 : silicate - byteobserver
  • 2023 08 : Trancy - a 256 byte intro for the WASM based MicroW8 platform, ranked 1st at Demodulation 2023 party
  • 2023 08 : LeCSIcon demo 2023 by CSI / БК-0011М
  • 2023 06 : Censor Design - Wonderland XIV (C64 Demo) (#NFTYR loader #159)
  • 2023 05 : The Adventures of Retrobob Hero (Gemtos 2023) - Atari STe demo - pépé+Dma-Sc 2023 (#NFTYR loader #155)
  • 2023 04 : AttentionWhore - Blood Sugar Rises - Amiga Demo (50 FPS) (#NFTYR loader #145)
  • 2023 04 : Abyss: "Cruisin 5" #1 Wild Demo from Revision 2023 (#NFTYR loader #147)
  • 2023 04 : Roadtrip - LJ & Virgill | 4k | Revision 2023 (#NFTYR loader #149)
  • 2023 04 : Exist - Reality Check (#NFTYR loader #151)
  • 2023 02 : C64 One File Demo: Riparian by Hack n' Trade! 24 February 2023! (#NFTYR loader #131)
  • 2023 02 : Kokuhaku by 4gentE of Triad (C64 Demo) 2023 (#NFTYR loader #141)
  • 2022 12 : The Box by Ümlaüt Design (#NFTYR loader #123)
  • 2022 12 : Batman Rises - Amiga OCS Demo (60Hz)
  • 2022 12 : The Rise of Love by Hemoroids ( Atari STE / Real HW Recording ) (#NFTYR loader #111)
  • 2022 12 : epoqe - Eden Disorder (Zenta 2022) (#NFTYR loader #112)
  • 2022 12 : C64 Demo: Uncle Petscii Presents Good King Wenceslas by Triad! 24 December 2022 ! (#NFTYR loader #109)
  • 2022 12 : Field-FX and Friends - Jaaam. (#NFTYR loader #135)
  • 2022 10 : Commodore 64 demo: The Pumpkins - All Hallows' Eve (2022) (#NFTYR loader #119)
  • 2022 10 : Pharmageddon - a demoscene demo for a pharmacy sign (#NFTYR loader #121)
  • 2022 10 : BACK TO THE PET (Commodore PET 4016 hardware demo made in 2022) (#NFTYR loader #127)
  • 2022 10 : watch out by pasi toska (#NFTYR loader #134)
  • 2022 10 : C64 Demo: Skybox by Extend! 30 October 2022! (#NFTYR loader #122)
  • 2022 10 : Transactor PET CBM 8296 Demo by Rabenauge featuring Plush at deadline 2022 (#NFTYR loader #129)
  • 2022 08 : Bayolea by Mawi (#NFTYR loader 124)
  • 2022 08 : 420 years of Teletext by AttentionWhore (#NFTYR loader #113)
  • 2022 08 : Area 5150 demo on IBM 5153 CGA Monitor: 60fps CRT video (#NFTYR loader #117)
  • 2022 08 : Return by Rebels & Calodox (1st @ Evoke 2022 PC Demo Compo) (#NFTYR loader #125)
  • 2022 07 : C64 Demo: Lifecycle by Offence , Prosonix ! 2 July 2022 ! (#NFTYR loader #77)
  • 2022 05 : C64 Demo: E2IRA by Arise! 29 May 2022! (#NFTYR loader #130)
  • 2022 04 : Transhuman/Pachinkoland - The Electronic Knights (real hardware capture)(#NFTYR loader #128)
  • 2022 04 : El Gore | 4k | Revision 2022 (#NFTYR loader #126)
  • 2022 04 : Sharp Sheep Shark Field [TIC-80] (#NFTYR loader #136)
  • 2022 02 : Murkwood - 256 bytes intro for Atari XL/XE by Ilmenit / Agenda (#NFTYR loader #115)
  • 2022 02 : Razor 1911 - La Parade Cracktro (#NFTYR loader #120)
  • 2021 08 : FirST Love (Hidden Screen) by The Overlanders (Atari ST demo) 1080p50 (#NFTYR loader #172)
  • 2021 06 : Triad - Uncle Petscii’s Droids of Star Wars | C64 Demo (#NFTYR loader #61)
  • 2021 06 : Freespin (#NFTYR loader #91)
  • 2021 04 : 5711& Rebels - Deine Mutter (#NFTYR loader #132)
  • 2021 01 : VOID - final version (Invaders) (#NFTYR loader #42)
  • 2021 01 : PICONICCC by Megus, deMarche, and Stardust — PICO-8 demo (remix of ST NICCC 2000) (#NFTYR loader #133)
  • 2021 ?? : C64: Blade Runner - Rachael and Deckard - Commodore BASIC Blue PETSCII
  • 2020 12 : Lovecats by Atlantis (2020-|-2021)(#NFTYR loader #43)
  • 2020 05 : Expand by Bonzai REU 512kb (C64) (#NFTYR loader #88)
  • 2020 05 : 5 Shades Of Grey - Lethargy [C64][Demo] (#NFTYR loader #46)
  • 2020 04 : VX2 by Spectrals (1st @ Revision Online 2020 PC Demo Compo) (#NFTYR loader #34)
  • 2019 08 : FairLight - The Last Truckstop 3 Demo (C64 demo) (#NFTYR loader #40)
  • 2019 07 : Ninjadev - Construct (#NFTYR loader #66)
  • 2019 07 : JOY by New Beat (Atari Falcon 030 demo) 1080p50 (#NFTYR loader #37)
  • 2018 11 : Unboxed by Bonzai (C64) (#NFTYR loader #67)
  • 2018 11 : The Star Wars Demo by Censor Design (C64) (#NFTYR loader #139)
  • 2018 08 : Fopcycle by Fairlight - Offence and Prosonix (C64) (#NFTYR loader #79)
  • 2018 04 : 2018 - phX by Condense (Amstrad CPC 6128)
  • 2017 04 : sp04 - Hello, Kevin - A Dental Journey - Spacepigs | Revision 2017 (#NFTYR loader #57)
  • 2016 11 : Atari Falcon 030 | Electric Night | Demo by Dune (Real Hardware) (#NFTYR loader #138)
  • 2016 10 : Bonzai - The Phoenix Code [2016] (#NFTYR loader #85)
  • 2016 10 : Performers - The Concert [2016] (#NFTYR loader #73)
  • 2016 10 : Monumentum by Hitmen (C64 demo, 2016) (#NFTYR loader #82)
  • 2016 04 : Darkness Lay Your Eyes Upon Me (#NFTYR loader #87)
  • 2015 12 : Zero Three Zero - Atari Falcon030 demo by The Pixel Twins and Excellence in Art (#NFTYR loader #157)
  • 2015 12 : We were "at" by Oxygene (Atari STe demo) 1080p50
  • 2015 07 : Sea Of Colour by Dead Hackers Society (Atari STe demo) 1080p50 (#NFTYR loader #48)
  • 2015 03 : OFFENCE 2015 THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT (C64) (#NFTYR loader #55)
  • 2014 12 : Tere Ra'i by Dune (Atari Falcon 030 demo) 1080p 50FPS (#NFTYR loader #137)
  • 2014 10 : Text Mode Framework - Brainstorm | Function 2014 (#NFTYR loader #63)
  • 2014 10 : Booze Design - Uncensored - C64 Demo (50 FPS) (#NFTYR loader #52)
  • 2014 10 : Hackers - Megapetscii - C64 Demo (#NFTYR loader #49)
  • 2014 10 : Doom on VoCore take 3 (#NFTYR loader #45)
  • 2014 10 : OFFENCE & FAIRLIGHT & PROSONIX 2014 RGB (C64) (#NFTYR loader #76)
  • 2014 04 : the timeless - mercury | Revision 2014 | 64k (#NFTYR loader #78)
  • 2014 02 : C64 Scenedemo: We Are All Connected by Fairlight, Prosonix and Offence (Datastrom 2014) (#NFTYR loader #58)
  • 2013 08 : Offence & Fairlight & Prosonix - Scrollwars - Real C64, 8580 SID (#NFTYR loader #64)
  • 2013 08 : Censor Design - Wonderland XII - Real C64, 8580 SID (#NFTYR loader #153)
  • 2012 04 : The Scene Is Dead - Razor1911 | 64k Revision 2012 (#NFTYR loader #54)
  • 2011 03 : Batman Forever by Batman Group (#NFTYR loader #81)
  • 2010 10 : We Are New by Fairlight (C64 demo, 2010) (#NFTYR loader #70)
  • 2010 04 : Fairlight & CNCD - Agenda Circling Forth (2010) demoscene PC demo 1440p60 (#NFTYR loader 72)
  • 2007 08 : ASD - Lifeforce (2007) demoscene PC demo 8K 60FPS (#NFTYR loader 51)
  • 2007 04 : Farbrausch - "fr-041: debris." | Demoscene (#NFTYR loader #33)
  • 2004 08 : obsoleet - Unreal Voodoo (#NFTYR loader #168)
  • 2001-** : Demos for the unexpanded Commodore VIC20 (#NFTYR loader #69)
  • 2000 12 : fr-08: .the .product by farbrausch | 64k intro (2000) (720p HQ demoscene demo)
  • 1999 08 : Virhe by Mature Furk
  • 1998 04 : The Fulcrum by Matrix (PC Demo Mekka & Symposium 1998) (#NFTYR loader #143)
  • 1997 08 : [PC Demoscene 1997] Fields of The Nephilims / The Nephilims
  • 1995 07 : Batman Group - Batman Vuelve -= Amiga 50fps =-
  • 1995 12 : CNCD 1995 CLOSER (A1200)
  • 1995 04 : Dope (Complex, 1995, PC Demo)
  • 1987 ?? : Hobby-Tronic Demo '87 by Peter Sabath, 1987 | Atari 8 bit Demo
  • 197* ** : Demos from the '70s [TRS-80/HT-1080Z] (#NFTYR loader #75)
  • 1968 ?? : The Mother of All Demos, presented by Douglas Engelbart (1968) (#NFTYR loader #39)
  • we are aware of the youtube incentive to close down inactive accounts so they can shrink to sub-crotter size and the impact this might have on preservation, we want to re-download each and every one and keep it on our own account but not sure if that will succeed
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last entry added @2023 11 05: bubble universe DOS port by Kuemmel ("last entry added" in this case refers to the topmost "new" release, stuff gets added from the original @therealdemo playlist, #nftyr loaders and demos from before we discover or re-discover but thats not mentioned here, the last one was retrobob and wonderland xiv for instance but we only say "last entry added if its a new release, thx for your kind understanding and ... there seems to be a troubling trend where nothings gets added on pouet and on demozoo you find only a mention of the demo and about 10% of that gets a screenshot while 1% of that MAYBE a video and 1% a download , we no longer understand why if its your own stuff you wouldnt but you know , humans are humans , we never were part of that)
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(if you wonder why @therealdemo doesnt have any c64 demos post 2020 its b/c they are inhere, no matter how you toss and turn it : a c64 is the first machine that ever said hello world to the kid ... that aint gonna change in this lifetime :)
or HERE to get the full playlist (moves to youtube)
last entry added @2023 12 06: Eyes by Fairlight (this hasnt been automated yet and scraping youtube playlist without logging in and apis is a drag since they keep changing it)

@updates 'n bla

  1. 12/08/2023 :
    13:53:42: : 2 days and it starts acting Addams again, within the week something breaks, ... a repeating pattern with a very small margin to it. Sadly this time something the likes of a whole year of savings. Was stupid enough to not set up the cameras so i cant say for sure. Maybe i have to give amigastore some really bad points but we'll hold the verdict until we know more. Sadly im not one of the 400 youtubers who make money and buy everything so i dont even have a spare psu to test it ... all the more reason to distance from the humans and their illusionary world.
    Catham Joker
    11:22:10: :
    Catham Joker
    10:42:24: : i need to get this down before it fades...i usually dont b/c my sleep even in 2 cycles gets interrupted too much so i never get to the REM/paralysis state where it happens, but if it does it happens after waking up and falling back with not much time between it. Instead of my usual Jeroen Bosch meets Dali combined with visions of the dead and dante up to more abstract than that combined now i had in what must be 20 minutes ... in an elevator what must be a japanese idol french kisssed me quickly as i went down (talk about postfreud metaforical) and then in the dilapidated shack out the backdoor into a garden that looked tropical in a state of something new discovered in the jungle 2 kittens in the hedge ...
    totally abnormal dream for my head, and the other thing is no matter what environment or encounter i never seem to be scared in any of the other dreams ..
    there ... i can still feel that kiss lol ... that must be the first in ages ... hmmm
    what a strange experience, so HDR vivid too, noting of the usual abstract imagery
    Catham Joker
  2. 12/07/2023 :
    14:21:46: : yes iss, ofcourse, "how long is it gonna take alphabet to start closing accounts who GET CAUGHT IN THE CRIMINAL ACT of adblocking" and "how long before the crotter lobby convinves the divided senate to SWAT the house of Kim Adblock ?" ... and if by then the dollar hasnt miraculously bent back to king of the world on the destruction of all those companies and families ... , how long before "you have turned off your history against company policy which now are EULA" becomes the next crime ... so plz ... we are just going into a universe with lss bits per unit ... after all it took a 4bit machine to put Tom Hanks on the moon ? so the more bits they get the less they seem to achieve ..
    sarcasm ? thats for smart people, we dont even have a hischool degree so we probably dont count for pizza either :)
    Catham Joker
    13:10:11: : singapore taiwan japan and korea dont surprise me one bit there, id expected finland to be in the top 10-15 and i bet russia and china didnt participate b/c its no ones business but they were space pioneers and everyone i ever had from china online seemed very studious indeed, even in vietnam kids who skipped summer holidays to be able to graduate about a year faster ... thats pretty badass but the one girl from singapore who was chatty all those years ago said she was doing engineer so i thought hm, early 20s but no : SEVENTEEN ... so im like OMFG youre a GENIUS! and she like why ? and i like well uni at seventeen there and she like but thats normal, parents push the kids here, its only normal that you get that far if youre capable. CULTURE, you wanna compete with that huh ? thats why you have all the bullets and you invented economy then ... WHAT DOES SURPRISE is to see estonia and ireland there but that only shows how stereotypes deny the reality of the actual world ... and as for as gov't officials go, during my studious last years which got broken off for no reasons given to stomp me in gat here for life i got the impression a lot of them have actually very SMALL circles, just a lot of connections and they have like ... dont know the english word "STAAR" when it comes to worldview, very narrow and very small ... in plain english : they dont know shit about anything between work and home (which equals tv and tooter i suppose as well as THE GLOBAL NETWORK OF "facebook erpe-mere" b/c salems lot is salems lot wherever you go in the trashcan of the gods) and ... nevermind ... DONT SHOW ME THESE THINGS TO TRIGGER SOMETHING THAT GETS YOU NOTHING, if human behaviour didnt change since Gilgamesh it wont in the next 50 and its fucked, the timeline is over ... back when Deutsch said on Ted "its too late, we should contentrate on mitigation, not solution or prevention" ... WELL ITS TOO LATE FOR THAT TOO NOW, if i were Deutsch id go on Ted and explain it but im not, despite that, barring a supermassive event, human behaviour wont change and that means taht is that, now PISS OFF, i dont have much hours in a day that i can do something with and when its this its absolute lost time
    Catham Joker
    12:58:24: : i WAS gonna say, if the DSM is rank 20 in the world as a baseline theres not much surprise about how the world today looks ... given the state of the state , but then they show me this ... but you know ... look what they did to anataka and dotcom ... and i dont even have money ... just no future and a lot of cripple, but i hear topminister called jesus to cure the cripples and make them walk and Jesus said : "if its for THE economy ? ILL BE RIGHT THERE !" so everythings actually already fixed and we can ignore ... right ? RIGHT ? otherwise it might cause more problems than fix 'em but HEY ... dont show me these thing, i ACTIVELY try to avoid , despite that the ruckus about wilders reaches me anyway, THAT MEANS ITS A WHOLE LOT OF SHITSTORM you see, shit that storms hard enough reaches past facebook anyway and so , when in rome do as the belgians ... its not unheard of and "i wonder why wilders got all those votes" but in a democracy you form coalitions to preserve freedom and the minority votes combined outweigh the majority. Being neither left,nor right nor center this gets confused for right by left and for left by right , its a bi-polar world of geopolitics and here we are ... stranded behind enemy lines in a galaxy in the back of the trashcan of the gods ... but im sure things will work out, its only in Wuhan ... DONT SHOW ME THESE THINGS, I TRY TO AVOID THEM, i already have no future since gat ...i dont need that shit, i KNOW where the world is heading EVEN BEYOND NIEVEKEIRKEN
    Catham Joker
    12:26:43: : yea thats all, in a soviet democracy one should let the ouststanding citizens do the talking , ... and since im an official ACT .. not sure how this is gonna go ... robbery ?
    Catham Joker
    12:25:58: : i wouldnt but i cant resist ... after hearing chronic pain and ar3tis is no longer really a condition enough to warrant refunds on treatment and stoppers, (i hurr they want to abolish burnout to as an "act" on national level and a few others but not confirmed) ... here comes in global education levels and het beste onderwijs ter wereld isnt in there so i think THIS MUST BE FAKE NEWS ! so i look it up and maybe i shouldnt have but IT EXPLAINS A LOT ABOUT THE STATE OF THE STATE .. ... ranked BELOW the divided states ... that must hurt
    Syntax Error
    10:58:24: : o dear ... "in 12 minutes" ... you know ... i bet your wife doesnt like you much does she ? Thats why the mailman's always over late for tea when you get home from work : because you do it "in 5 minutes" ... enough with the sarcasm, i can see a 2024 thats gonna be EVEN BETTER than '23 ... only '25 can prove me wrong so save your breath
    Catham Joker
    10:56:05: : "de mensen" .... zijn nog steeds de mensen. Theres only one certainty in life and that is death, so far undisputed to be true 100% (yes yes, but technically your guy died first before he rose up so the 100% rule sticks ... ) the only one but theres a constant and its name is SHYTE
    and i think we defined THAT a while ago : "Scene : unique environ sympa where everyone in the public who is not a musician is boo-ed out of the concert and discouraged to watch the show"
    =-) ohaio ? nah what par of o hai o is "gud" ? we'll leave that syllable out
    Catham Joker
    03:18:16: : "based on the games i play" i get 4 suggestions on the front page for dick-poke simulaters ... which i find somewhat strange , THE a.i. apparantly is as smart as youble after 30 years. Pain is extreme today, not much to say
    Catham Joker
  3. 12/05/2023 :
    14:10:56: : lol, machine-zealots can be funny
    Catham Joker
    10:13:27: : nono, really : : its a discount, the last one i found alive was €2700
    Catham Joker
    10:12:58: : otherwise only €2000 ... lemme see how much spare change i have for xmas - ohoia, Terra ... are the humans dead yet ?
    Catham Joker
    10:11:01: : right

    "low in stock, only 8 left"
    so thats how those guys on youtube make their basement look like its holding half a million euros in gear
    Catham Joker
    08:02:35: : nevermind, but if it came to OUR attentio, WE the shards of JoG , (and WE "the cat star" who got stuck inside janes ondergrond ...) who all deliberately forcefully avoid anything your world tries to inject between reality and perception ... then it should have gotten to some others who spend their days on fudberg and tooter too ... nevermind us, we're gonna just put more landmines around the entrance and try better filters
    Catham Joker
    08:00:50: : naw, almorkat / alleycat64 falls in place ... as the universe wills it - its gonna work but we will probably take the content/textfiles in non html format or else have to write harder routines to split by lt td gt instead of thisiseof|andthe nextlinesitsat/bthis/b part| ... b/c json is ass-heavy
    Catham Joker
    07:58:28: : yea, but the thing can be used for "any-site" when its a frame - someone put something in my attention : last time (december) bread was €2.70 , now its €3.20 ... but if de baas checks it : ... apparently from the baas POV bread in belgium costs €2.10 .. but it IS €3.20 ... LIKE THREE FUCKING TWENTY ... so thats what they meant by "inflation stopped" ... the site shows the price from 2019 lol - nice one (you know, i wonder what they put in the water, usually situations like this ended up with the french revolution or the birth of the cosa nostra ...) ... well the latter is probably on its way tho they're gonna have a time boxing upward to the corporations that became by now ... but starving dogs get suicidal ... HEY, what happened to Bukele ? i was kinda "YAY BUKELE!" standing up to the IMF and euramerica like that ... did they assassinate the guy yet or something for being an eyesore to the soviet democracies of the free-for-all-who-come here west? ... oooo ... a, yes but this is not 8kun or 4chan or 9gag for that matter but the price of bread SHOCKED me a bit ... im good now, sir ... look i took my stiller ... everythings fine, ... look at the butterflies
    Catham Joker
    07:13:58: : theres async too, which should help with the sidfiles if we ... say want to set a list so it loads the next one while playing the first ... the flat get request seems to halt the application ... PROGRAM (im starting to get infected with youtube bearded words here SOMEBODY HELP, THE TRIFFIDS ,


    ... time ..... call doctor who too , we NEED the daleks to keep the humans in check
    Catham Joker
    07:11:58: : nice(-ish...)
    it works on localhost but the rootdir or getdir probably needs checking online - it doesnt crash the browser tho : "!!points!!"
    having media loaded afterwards (a bit like i browser would with a standard webpage) already brings the wad down from 139 megabytes to 47 kilobytes (!!points!!)
    the rest is ofc connection dependent but so is any web page or site and data traffic for 2mb .ogg-converted sidfiles (its that b/c we set jsidplay to cut off at 5 minutes in case of longer tunes for later) should certainly not be more than any streaming service using music and definitely videos, actually most standard pages just on tracking code + ads + "WE DO THIS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE"-data are already way over that you just dont see it b/c of the includes, if you actually save the whole thing with everything included in it on to a HD its scary sometimes the internet doesnt slib from heart attacks all the time ... the perk is it compiles to everything but apple (but who needs apple ...) the thing is the player seems to be consistent and is always 5,6mb , on linux, on windows, on "html5(wasm)" and probably on android too then but havent tried that so no 64kb demos there but again 5,6mb in terms of modern webpage sizes isnt sizey at all anymore, besides the player loads once, how to force an update after an update is something else tho ...
    well its a 64fansite so a bit extra hassle doesnt hurt (in this case) and this way its open to extending regardless browsers and their way of "thou shalt crotter!" updates
    this shouldnt take until 2050 ... probably 2030 or something heh heh (if the body lasts that long, and the brain doesnt go poof)
    Catham Joker
    05:18:17: : mmm, and THAT? we have to stick to "stray alpha wave theory" eg: the abscence of conscious humans ... a zombie apocalypse would probably help in living more daylight b/c they're only after your physical brain and they wont be broadcasting stress and lies in a 1km² radius pro capita ... after so many years its the most likely going over all the possibilities : life is better without humans so the brain clogs up less
    Catham Joker
    05:10:13: : we shall ease our mind by claiming that "frankly my dear i dont know across browsers" how much memory it uses and how much is available b/c a boxed-in crapplication that loads files from the server from within the clients browser but is not a webpage but a boxed in crapplication in the webpage , we'll assume it will use the cache available in the browser but have no idea how much that is so in this case MAYBE the extra effort for contained functions might end up being not totally useless ... + add some corporate garbage language here and words like synergy and strategizing organic designed tribes within the digital ecosystem where everyone gets the illusion of choice but not really
    Catham Joker
    04:56:29: : using proper boot device ... functions with contained data and types like objects for a thirty we only end up to the same conclusion : why do they do it "like its done" , i end with like twice or more the amount of code and it looks a lot more complicated, it sure is a lot more typing than just using gosub and globals ...
    ofcourse we know the answer : "because A TEAM (not to be confused with THE) consists of 90% schoolers who cant read and one to ten guys who have to "manage it" and then get sacked for cheaper folk or an a.i. after its been made sure to be readable by cavemen even ...
    just for the syke of it why not its only once (for the wasm "diskmag" style compilation of the alleycat (almorkat)64 site b/c in the end it wont end up with a lot more or less bytes than usual i suppose, like anime-adventurers who risk starvation by doing what they want to do in life who need to be able to "draw THAT style" and forsaking everything thats theirs ... but only THIS time then ... i can understand containment if you're writing lowlevel OS-level processes and systems but in this case the crapplication is a box by itself, embedded in a browser which is a box within the box that is the OS which walls off the machine as if its 1955 and the americans hadnt built theirs yet
    ..? cant help it, more clarity at night , less pain ... that doesnt mean ill barely be able to walk around without shooting pains up to my hip (thats the latest weeks, it moves around) in a few hours
    media rich sites ... writing a virtual sidchip to play sidtunes is probably above our level in AGK so it'll have to be .ogg which, strangely at quality 1 still end up with 2 megabyte files heh ...
    Catham Joker
    04:05:49: : €59.99 bargains ... we'll clearly have to leave this to the rich kids ... not that i dont WANT baldurs gate, larri, maybe you should have moved to poland 20 years ago ...
    Catham Joker
    04:04:04: : nominated titles : 2) ... "coming soon" ... did Gabe finally cave to Crotter ?
    Catham Joker
    03:50:03: : nnh, ofcourse not, that requires going outside, having money for trains and in general interacting with humans up close ... but ganbarre !!!
    Catham Joker
    03:19:30: :
    Catham Joker
  4. 12/04/2023 :
    16:54:25: : well, its winter allright ... so lets winter
    Catham Joker
    16:54:08: : why ? because its easier to have everything PC in one ? and because learning zig to do a website takes longer than using this and b/c ... euhm, o yea browsers updating every month to make sure anything but facebook, tooter and youble stays unbroken
    Catham Joker
    16:52:35: : nevermind, living dead dog is already back in the zone starting the protest 5 seconds after the addamses leave ... remind me how we got here ? o yea, i remember ... lets not remember, for YOUR safety ...
    Catham Joker
    16:51:48: : yea, error in chrome b/c chrome keeps displayiing last weeks content unless you trick both it and cloudflare (or "just use facebook" ofcourse) and FF probably wont bc its set to file from localhost which in this case might not work from a browser hosting the crapplication to the client ... serving and then back to the domain from whence it came (otherwise the wasm wad probably packs all the mediafiles and not just for the dynamic of it , loading the whole "wad" (as they say) will probably take a bit b/c its gonna be about the size of a standard webpage with ads, tracking code and something like jquery or modern in it (hehehe ...)
    Catham Joker
    16:49:04: : mmmmmmmm ... getfile works (locally at least so it should, now all thats left is to write routines to cut up standard html so it can use the same files to display for both interfaces ... thats not how hard can it be ... for the one tyrnannoght game that ran in a browser and later via AGK wasm the mapdata already got transferred as a http string (= equals webpage or the likes in effect) except that this wast csv mapdata instead of markup tags) ... its just a lot ... who got this idea of "lets do it this way then we dont have to worry about browser updates again ??)
    Catham Joker
    04:39:12: : o dear ... its been so many months i forgot how small this place is ... this will need some re-arrangement and some architectural cable and other management of roomspaces , maybe try again to figure out how the Vorlons folded space back on itself back when they abducted us ... its really handy, like a d&d portable hole ... and my right foot feels again like that "i stepped on a board with 20 rusty nails" thing ... but i bet the world is doing fine and everyone is singing kumbaya from east to west so i shouldnt complain and make sure the refugees get free housing while here it rains inside on stormy weather after all ... CATS ARE HOMELESS TOO, YOU WRECKED THEIR HOUSE SO YOURE RESPONSIBLE
    Catham Joker
    03:56:20: : this is actually one of those games which could be, with the right coder(s) + musicians + gfx-ers , with a small limiter on the psychotropic experience due to the 16 vs 16 million color palette , be totally 64-ified ... but considering the timing and sync required certainly no sine-cure (see? theres always room for stuff past the tek-edge)
    Catham Joker
    03:53:54: : eh, with a bit-trip tracker ... i assume that will "design levels" based on the notes played or something ... so even in '23 theres still room for creativity in sales which is actually notjust sales in lootboxes but actual creativity ... SSAaaaaa
    Catham Joker
    03:52:00: : ooh, and another re-run of what might be one of my alltime favourite platformers (i really didn play many of those past the 8bit/16bit and i first got a pc in the form of a p60 for the price of "monthly wage+10%" ONLY ! ... times sure WERE different, its totally undeniable heh (cant imagine just forking out that relative amount of money on a "I WANNA PLAY PANZER GENERAL" moment
    Catham Joker
    03:48:53: : not for my wallet but i get it : if you're a rich kid with a room the size of a basement by "the 400 people on youtube who buy everything (to talk about it, not to actually do something)" and daddy-money to spare and you dont have dustmite allergies and that nice lady comes to clean twice a week ... the plushies and figurines are kinda cute (the Anya one from spyxfamily certainly looked kawai but €80 ? (and i bet thats still cheap), but even so : if you ARE that rich kid maybe you wanna sign it
    Catham Joker
  5. 12/03/2023 :
    12:27:55: : o briley, YEA, ofc i got it when i got the mail ... it must be my fav post 2020/64 game so yea and no doubt but havent had time to , just like "just past the intro" and ... bwc2 ...IT LOOKS SUSPICIOUSLY LIKE ... the sequel to bwc1 :p ... which is GREAT to me but probably some professional youtube dissers will find that "gud video" material ... i couldnt want anythying more than 2 to be the sequel to 1 , the music seems upgraded tho, the soundscape is a bit more full on my real machine with the elder sid-chip in it but that might be just my impression its not like i re-played bwc1 to get back in the game first ... and i dont see the rush either, if the next one takes 2-3 years (as it probably should b/c we dont want a rushed out starwars franchise and 2 brileys a year at quantity over quality (do we ? ... well WE dont ) so theres time, right ? its not like you get 512kb jRPG games for the c64 every 2 months ... im in it for Smokey anyway (and ofcourse its research if i had a game-studio id write it off as expenses OFCOURSE MISTER GARIBALDI !!! ofcourse ... elementary dear Watson ...) ill play when i can play without having to break, what i seen so far looks like what i want from it ... i'll complain when its finished if i have reason to but i dont think i will .... at that price i wonder if oujo-chan is the best earning c64 author in the post millennium ??? (no numbers were given and it remained a secret until the sun went nova haha)
    Catham Joker
    12:21:00: : hmmm ... tze zeker verkiezingen ? cant shake the impression somewhere it must be closing in
    Catham Joker
  6. 12/02/2023 :
    03:15:34: : yup, got briley, also in the mail, no idea why i urged to look but it was there on itch (and then i opened the mail) ... but playdays not today - sure its a game i'll like64 on the top shelf - not looking for the latest quiss cube or BUFLI² realtime 50fps fullscreen animations but the first one was really polished and its a story driven jRPG-style post 2020 game by someone who doesnt seem to have bad games online so far - but playday is not today ... thats all gud b/c once finished the wait between 2 and 3 is gonna be longer than it was between 1 and 2 b/c i only got the first several months ago as i slowly catch up since the 1980s. The Onslaught port looks great but point & click aint our thing here (once finished Zack McCracken on a walkthrough in a friends Zzap64 and im still traumatized heh) ... once finished the Dallas Quest too and something called the uninvited (that was SCARY back then) ... im sure it will be most interesting to disassemble the first banks to see if theres anything to learn about trickery with 512kb of data on a 64kb system (the first one used the lo-banks only 8kb at $8000 afaik) and this one looks about the same size so "as a hunch" we assume this one wil too ; but even so .. an easyflash is an easyflash, btw why is the supreme scene which otherwise SO proud not onto tweaking the mister core until its as good as VICE ??? (we do not understand but maybe (lol) they do not understand how to do it ... its not really the same program after all ... anyway --- why does everyone keep calling microsoft bethesda ? by catstar law any kind of holding would need to state its name under the child-brand so as not to confuse the plebs into thining theres more than 500 companies in the world, a rule thats been upheld strictly on all vassal-planets (who voluntarily accept protection by the catstar against the universes usurpers ... humans are not the only plague but from the looks of it certainly the worst blight, i bet if they were a spacefaring race the universal reaction would be the same : "ITS A HUMAN SHIP, SHOOT IT BEFORE THEY TOUCH THE PLANET"
    Catham Joker
    02:39:14: : why does everyone keep calling microsoft bethesda ?
    Catham Joker
  7. 12/01/2023 :
    06:36:09: : ...
    dunno what you been trying other than "the same again as always" but i think you failed (as usual) to get the desired result (as always)
    as to whoever was that on the subject : its somewhat hard to explain to something at kardashev level -10 and basically banned by the equivalent of picards prime directive but we (the cat-star) as an advanced , living and survived over aeons culture and society would see this thing you talk about as ... a close term might be "minority-democracy" where slow coagulation of a huge amount of small entities (or bodies or "insert word") overwhelms the actual majority which leads to splinter-coalition where theres so many agendas the most that ever gets decided is what to decide on next time before starting to decide what to decide on next time - as far as daimos kratein goes it has nothing to do with it
    you get an anti-majority vote somehow made up of hundreds of agendas who wont get theirs but block the rest
    as for the rest it stands proven for milennia at least and unchallenged that the ultimate for of government is none : to not have the need to be governed but move by intellectual integrity instead of moral majority and definitely along with the flow of "things" which are bigger ... so nevermind ...
    i'll let outstanding citizens do the talking
    before the brainpolice arrives - m still looking for that wormhole to get back but it might be closed off to prevent the blight from reaching outside its determined radius ... TRAPPED
    Catham Joker
    04:53:18: : i thought Carlin was the only one but this guy probably "can afford it" due to social clout and reputation. who was it that said "show me a democracy and i'll show you its not" ? (or was that someone from the catstar) they're getting better at this "THEY DO THAT IN CHINA" thing, arent they ? nevermind ... thats not sarcasm, sarcasm is for smart people, im not smart enough to sarcasm, i dont even like the big bang theory and thats something intelligent people watch ... (i never thought it funny, im probably too thick to get it, it looks like just another sitcom to me ... tsch ...)
    Catham Joker
    04:14:12: : well lookie here if you live in a soviet democracy as a covert alien who was never a human in the first place , just let outstanding citizens do the talking for you ... thats two this week ... GREAT !!! O ? well : "i didnt say that" (heh heh)
    Catham Joker
  8. 11/30/2023 :
    16:00:49: : "truth is contained in the preconceptions of he who seeks to define it. Any organization of ideas whatsoever presupposes a judgment on the world" ... between vance, zelazny and le guin (and ofcourse a lot of others but with Van Voght at 4 they must be the top aliens) i bet the kid would have grown up not just a mediocre to slightly above average programmer but also a very wise-obnoxious bastard with 19+ wisdom from reading all that at early age ... going over backups ... theres nothing to stir dearie, almost every day is yesterday since a certain point ... and i cant let "it go" if you stuck me in the middle of it ... even i "get over it" its all around, i just land in it again ... the swamp of Mordor
    Catham Joker
    14:56:50: : thats okay, i AM a madman after all, many ... m busy
    Catham Joker
    14:52:45: : no, i have no intention of starting comms with humans again, ill pass by everyone who was talking but its silence again - i said NO MORE HUMANS when you murdered the last cat ... no more humans = no more humans
    Catham Joker
    07:28:30: : hm
    frankly, my dear .... dont put your schooled ass against this you'll get a migraine, BUT IT WORKS ... this whole thing has nothing to do with the actual run anyway, this is all in "visED" routine and debug=1 mode during the actual run it isnt even in the loop so that affects performance by an absolute factor of *1 on the final production - WE (the catstar, are STILL fairly convinced after so many lobotomies in an attempt to normalize the alien into a human that we could have given it a fair run for the money if they let us do ... its a bit too late now and the body wont allow much more than programming in so many years unless it STOPS getting worse or someone has a cure and thats if no xtra and/or debilitating diseases appear ... its called realism, FALSE HOPE IS CRUELTY, i see you like to hand it to your friends, family and kids a lot ... no wonder your species got dumped in the trashcan of the gods
    we have spoken, its time, forget it, this was an epilleptic fit of what would be if you let it, but instead you get the catham joker
    ... opinion not required, dont you have something IMPORTANT to do or something ? vade retro, homo (the american are gonna picket fence b/c they never got taught latin but bem, FUCK THAT TOO)
    Catham Joker
    07:11:30: : but i did laundry ... and dishes ... and cooked and dishes and cleaned a little too ... the gnomes dont come anymore since this became dogtown and ratville - the maids on strike and crotter has all my money (probably some of yours too) ... the futures looking bright ... its time for second cycle before anyone gets funny ideas b/c i can google a formula
    Catham Joker
    07:08:44: : YA!
    so if d# < the radius property of any of the traillights then that one is of no use to the current point(/position) ... instead of going over all (79by now, we thought 500 would do it but its probably gonna be more like 750 or maybe even 1000 who cares, no roadmaps no deadlines) - this way the program can ring the bell whenever that happens and the one at the keyboard can take action as it sees fit (it might be possible that on the trail next point the light will be in range again so removing it might not be worth the jump (we use VERY little contained functions and so many globals and gosubs it probably makes python cry but who cares, the machine doesnt know classes, ITS HUMAN TO MAKE UP CLASSES ISNT IT ...)
    phu ... if we ever beat the 8bits of c64 i wonder if the motorola will be +easier or -harder to work on say "an original ST with no sprites, no scrolling, no character sets no nothing but pixels and almost not enough time to build a whole screen in one frame" ... but i bet thats for when i grow up at around the age of 160 or so ... at this rate its likely the world will end before that ... TOUGH LUCK EHJ
    Catham Joker
    07:00:38: : d works to a t ... YOLO ! (yea 10 million for that is cheap i think, pay up, bitch, stop complaining with all those billions falling out of your pockets)
    Catham Joker
    06:59:41: :
    hir :
    	if trailpoints[ti].wait > 0 then sleep(trailpoints[ti].wait)
    	gosub checklightsrange
    	d# = sqrt((x2#-x1#)^2+(y2#-y1#)^2+(z2#-z1#)^2)
    	// = not working .... probably "not doing what i think it does or maybe i need to set collision for all involved which i bet isnt possible for a pointlight so id need a ph et al b/c i think now htis will find the intersection where said obj (here ph_looker) resides
    	tmp = ObjectRayCast(ph_looker,GetCameraWorldX(_maincam),GetCameraWorldY(_maincam),GetCameraWorldZ(_maincam),trailpoints[ti].li1.x,trailpoints[ti].li1.y,trailpoints[ti].li1.z)
    	tmp2# = GetObjectRayCastDistance(tmp)
    	tmp = ObjectRayCast(0,GetCameraWorldX(_maincam),GetCameraWorldY(_maincam),GetCameraWorldZ(_maincam),trailpoints[ti].li2.x,trailpoints[ti].li2.y,trailpoints[ti].li2.z)
    	tmp3# = GetObjectRayCastDistance(tmp)
    	tmp = ObjectRayCast(0,GetCameraWorldX(_maincam),GetCameraWorldY(_maincam),GetCameraWorldZ(_maincam),trailpoints[ti].li3.x,trailpoints[ti].li3.y,trailpoints[ti].li3.z)
    	tmp4# = GetObjectRayCastDistance(tmp)
    	tmp = ObjectRayCast(0,GetCameraWorldX(_maincam),GetCameraWorldY(_maincam),GetCameraWorldZ(_maincam),trailpoints[ti].li4.x,trailpoints[ti].li4.y,trailpoints[ti].li4.z)
    	tmp5# = GetObjectRayCastDistance(tmp)
    after readiing hier :
    Still not sure why the guy called it "BASIC" i never seen a basic that has custom datatypes that are mostly unlimited qua structure and reek a little of objects too where you can add any combination of earlier defined types in single or arrays into it and you have commands like inc and dec which probably literally compile to one opcode
    i know we luvz it, and sadly it seems to be less popular b/c even with SetObjectPosition you still have to type something before asking "CHATGPT write me a demo!" in Unreal 6 ...
    "lightweight afternoon tea coding"
    yet somehow the 60 or so opcodes (43 ? 60 ?) of the c64 give us more kaos tho its probably more "working with the quirks in the hardware that made it the one scene that never dies machine" rather than the standard von neuman logic in a few dozen opcodes that are trouble since if then = ifthen and fornext = fornext no matter where you go
    its good to not be a pro, you dont need to keep up appearances, you dont have to talk the talk you dont have to walk the walk, if you're into creation instead of beating its more enjoyable too and I DIDNT SAY BACCHUS IS A NARCIST YOUTUBER ... read it, stop putting words in my mouth i would most likely NOT post someone i dont like instead of do it and break them down like half of youtube makes their money with : dissing and breaking stuff instead of creating a quantum qbyte somewhere
    hapff nevermind - hows the adblock wars btw - id give you an idea for free but then i wont get money again : DOES ANYONE have an adblocker where i can "allow ads on this channel" instead of "this site" ... that'l be 10 million then , Larry ...

    Catham Joker
    06:33:06: : ... but it IS, the destroyer WILL bring balance, homo-centrism wont stop that ... what form it takes is up to the universe to decide tho i bet the destroyer has carte blanche there , she sourced the position to the guy after all so he must be quite capable
    Morning come, my night, move to second cycle, out of tostis, fried rice and a burger tho i should say patty or "hamburg steak" so as not to confuse it with pre-fab defrost, ever since inflation is gone and for the first time since i was on the street (you can take that somewhat literal in a non rapper-on-youtube way) its been two months that i havent been able to set €50 aside (add x 12 and you get for instance a misterFPGA all-in) that supermarket prefab defrost gets you less digestible materials and more alien chemicals anyway and if you dont add the time of making i bet its not even more expensive to splat your own patties (they sure taste a lot better)
    best ideas come while AFK tho they used to come while walking with cats - finally the brilliant notion to loop over the standard loop excluding the actual execution for quickstarting (jumpstarting) from a certain trailpoint without having a separate page that handles all the settings because frankly if i loop over the actual ones without executing the settings should be quite there (well that took a while but ZeroDesign just works like that) - what id like as i thought yesterday here sometimes is some way of measuring the distance between the 4 4most pixellights and the cameraposition so as to be warned when a trailpoint exceeds the radius of one or more of them (in which case that point has room to spare for other lights) but the raycast and getdistance builtin commands dont seem to give anything but 0.000000 so i probably misunderstand what that is doing. im sure theres a formula to calc xyz to xyz2 somewhere that doesnt require me to watch 20 minutes of video of which 5 is sponsors + 10 extra for the ads and 19 is about how great the host is talking ... YAY for paper-page sites with ctrl-f options ...
    i notice the density of points is getting higher too as i get a bit of a feel for it after some months now, up to the last ladder it was 32, and now still stuck at stairs 2 theres 79 so the amount for half the distance is double the points more or less (gud, more agile angles, theres no such thing as press x to calculate 200 kilometer of spline here and WE REALLY WANNA finish this in AGK where it started so , using the jumpstart like THAT without having to add separate settings should save a few months of production time over the course of five to ten years i suppose. ... some of my family didnt have a brain that lasted that long ... if i werent living dead , or more a shadow id probably be worried sick but somehow ... dear, i just cant seem to care ... YOU REALLY KILLED IT ALL INSIDE
    Catham Joker
    03:57:26: : ofcourse not, its not serious demo coding ! its lightweight afternoon tea coding and alchemy with a dash of mysticism that only runs between 11:55 and midnight due to the magnetic fields in the iron core of mars ... hinezumi kun still comes over for a late night snack ? i thought they would be sleeping by now ... the blight (humans as YOU sometimes call them) must have disturbed that too. We welcome the destroyer to bring balance to this place as the hippies chant om naya shivaya, little do they know you cant pour rain out here without the destroyer taking something there ... its THE LAW
    Catham Joker
    03:28:50: : hm, in the year of turning 50 2 years ago we picked it up no clue if this is considered stable but it looks like it, one line over every line including the skank lines in 2048b without a packer only found out recently you have "63 cycles" per line, at then we just added nops 'n stuff until the line stuck, in 4 different routines that are called depending on the line (if i remember right) where the last one doesnt have the stackloader/saver bit so you cant use X in the main loop or stuff gets garbled) - but it worked, i read about 63 cycles in "the raistlin papers" which seems aimed at ppl who been coding it for 40 years more and i still dont know WHY I A NOP (no operation) 2 CYCLES (???) not one, but two ...ohaio ... im sure the world is doing great and we are finally back on top so that doesnt need attention this easyflash thing has more wrestling there seems to be "stuff" that needs doing before you can start up a chain and atm we are still trying to get a config that ends up in a looping irqchain + no kernal (free ram from E000) + cart rom active without switching it out ...
    Catham Joker
  9. 11/28/2023 :
    09:58:16: : no one seems to tink $750 (the price for an all-in mister + card + p&p and maybe a joystick which comes with built in scaler which is pretty bad-ass actually) for the retrotink 4k is "a lot of money" ... people who still live in disneyland in 2023 sure can be funny
    Catham Joker
    04:31:25: : indeed, so our borders-sprite (its all about the sprites in AGK) had this nasty habit of displaying an outline where it came next to or showed the background through the alpha channel ... and no amount of aseprite or gimp seemed to help , but a wise man in 2013 seemed to have said "After you load the image, you can remove this blurring effect (and the purple border) by calling: SetImageMinFilter(myImg, 0) SetImageMagFilter(myImg, 0) For best results, you should consider creating a PNG with a truly transparent background (alpha channel) at which point the options above will not be necessary." ... and indeed its gone - but noticed last week or the week before on a "ghost texture" in a shader that if you use the eraser in gimp that thing sets the alpha to full transparent but actually doesnt touch the r,g or b channels so the thing is : the diffuse texture REALLY wasnt there but actually it WAS if you checked only the rgb channels or either of those (which was quite confusing for a bit as we went digging through "WHERE DOES THAT TEXTURE COME FROM" one of those "i should have stayed in school longer THEN I WOULD KNOW ALL THIS (and .this too) things ... do i feel another infection coming ? the kind that will end up with antibiotics after not antibiotics ... it SURE WOULD BE CONVENIENT RIGHT NOW (YEA SARC) so maybe it is
    Catham Joker
  10. 11/27/2023 :
    05:51:42: : but i AM being positive, you got a whole 30 years left before it really starts raining - its an OVERLY broad estimate , usually the trouble starts before all molecules on a planet have turned to roaches and locusts with nothing to stand on but eachothers heads ... theres not much i can do, actually you even lied about the spacetickets, if i HAD my 10 million and i WOULd be in asia running my own life and business ... there wouldnt even be any today ... all you ever do is lie
    Catham Joker
    05:49:30: : hmm, what better time for a tasty clogged up toilet than 4 in the morning ... HEY, why the sad face ?


    , 2050 is a long distance, GOD will provide
    silver ... and platinum ... can you fuck off now, neanderthal ? all you ever done is damage to my life
    Catham Joker
    04:55:24: : as we sais : "we welcome the destroyer to bring balance to this place" ... if you upset the balance it will always come, be it draught flood, swarms of rats or a disease ... water shortage, soil erosion, given the fact that (also a delusion on our behalf) mines wont replenish until the sun explodes (or the next big bang maybe) and shortages of spacemetal as soon as 2040-2050 the fact that neanderthals go back to quadrupeds over time WOULD BE A BLESSING if the sands of africa and nevada, and gilgamesh' garden would have turned green again by now ... either way Zathras' fucked otherwise you could say : no problem : we go amish (no offense, maybe THEY had the right idea all along somehow, or at least HALFpart-way ... tho the hairloss that comes with having two wives must be severe) and we last another billion years and then rise up to heaven together with the sun but at this rate its gonna be more like : no food no water , cannibalism , mad max and an altered carbon protectorate (underground, not in the sky b/C you cant launch a rocket on a woodstove) give them some hope they say ... GIMME SOMETHING TO WORK WITH THEN (and maybe a reason after all you did to me, neanderthal) LASCIATE OGNI ESPERANZA ... now sorry but the laundry wont dry itself
    Catham Joker
    04:43:36: : nah, i bet maslows little neanderthal will think i find it funny b/c NOW I CAN KEEP UP THE ACT BETTER - its sure been fun to me since gat thats for sure all fun and games ... i think i hear the laundrymat , its been less bad so far, it only rains through in two places not five
    Catham Joker
    04:23:57: : hey look at the bright side : if re-infection of the same strand lies at 21 or less days then the statistical incremental chance probably means your lawyer will forget to speak before you can sue for negligence - we welcome the destroyer to bring balance to this place, om namah shivayah ...
    Catham Joker
    04:22:31: : real men dont have psychological problems either ... those american must be really weak !
    Catham Joker
    04:21:22: : sadly only de baas gets legal support here , good luck with that ... i probably shouldnt have clicked b/c i was looking for affirmation of everything i read in 2020 and up but i couldnt resist
    Catham Joker
    04:14:45: : haa, not a doctor but a few things seem obvious : decadence in cities as the fanatics might see god in it again, the anti-movement, the pro-lobbies, the fact that Asia was wearing masks before yo momma lost her teeth from crack and a few more obscure things that have to do with vitamin-d in people with darker pigments in their skin, combined with the observation that it might be possible that you NEED a virus to get infected but actually the raise in air temperature a mask provides ALSO Is a factor in how much chance it has to take hold (theoretical nothing proven but statistics as usual but look around, something's been off , and time seems to have gotten shorter int o a blur of the last five years) ... EOF ... its useless anyway, even if THIS is chronic fatigue, doctors who took it seriously when i was looking it up b/c it doesnt exist here mostly stated that the longer you have the less chance you get rid of it, so by now i should be good for life ... THANKS , GAT!!
    Catham Joker
    04:08:02: : barring myself and my long-term act to make sure i wont have a life and never get out of here anymore (which by now CERTAINLY wont happen anymore) my statistical reality is quite simple : the reinfection time last time i checked more than a year maybe two ago + all these "potential" long effects you can get mean that over time global IQ deteriorates and due to incremental scarring before healing (on a global statistical scale) and CONSTANT exposure (b/c the "symptoms arent bad", just like a common cold or even less) with zero prevention the whole only gets weaker and in the long term many will die sooner than they should. Its almost like planet-karma fighting off the rash on her skin, after all , she wouldnt think in generations of humans anway but HEY, dont let that spoil your economy ! that will spoil itself anyway - quite surprised to see something about it but the woman has a mythbuster gene embedded, its bold tho, considering how fast all these papers were disappearing back then to report on it, it must be "even more inconvenient" now that inflation and "the" war is over for more than a year , covid has been conquered and we are finally back on top ... im gonna stop wasting time typing i dont have many hours a day already anymore ... "gotta keep up the act" you know
    Catham Joker
    04:02:34: : negative interactions with medical professionals ... problems dismissed ... hmmm /ponder ... nah "its just being lazy" ... im gonna get an adrenaline boost if i keep typing on this and someone will say : SEE LOOK YOURE ENERGETIC ENOUGH while i smash that car
    Catham Joker
    03:43:10: : i read one thing about this in 2020 and another OH and another - most papers by frontline doctors were disappearing within weeks ... one about IQ loss , brainlobe damage, vital organ tissue scarring et al et al ... but yes : the theory that there were cases where it might look like it was akin to (chickenpox? cant remember that name for sure) which is one of the few that can cross the bloodbrain barrier and in some cases "HIDE" itself for years (b/c a virus doesnt brain according to state-side science en de baas) and come out later even sometimes get in when kid and come out when grown hiding somewhere in the spinal or cerebral parts professor X so direly needs. None of those got properly researched b/C the papers kept disappearing (inconvenient voor de baas en de inflation wars) and ofcourse a year later vaccine centers got closed and covid (like inflation and the russians after one week) was gone. And now here this gal with the fake panicmongering news (lol) ... m hm .. if the world werent ending id say "GUD JOB CROTTER and the lobbyband" but frankly my dearies ... we no longer care ... doesnt make much difference with no future - RIGHT lets do something before second cycle ... not sure how official CVS works b/C it doesnt exist here (state decides) but sleeping twice a day with a nap inbetween and fast loss of focus in a lot of cases (for ... ten years now, but the nap wasnt there, and it was more like dropping for up to 18 hours a day until it settled into a steady rythm which works better until disturbed by those who feel you need to have routine AND THEN THEY BREAK YOURS with maslows neanderthal hammer ?) aaah wait ... wrong site .... nevermind, anyway, if you wont take it from us, maybe you'll take it from HER :)
    Catham Joker
    03:33:50: : she actually talks about CVS as if it exists , i should tell that to all the doctors i ever had in gatland, science must be dead ... "sadly" i cant claim i have THAT post-covid , it did get worse over time tho ... (but it doesnt exist here so its just an act on my behalf)
    Catham Joker
    03:29:11: : no reason to disbelieve this gal so its a "borderline condition" huh
    Catham Joker
  11. 11/25/2023 :
    10:01:09: : i cant remember how many times i asked "is this really just a sidchip" ... - those fuckers really get some unbelievable sound out of that 1980s 30 dollar thing
    Catham Joker
    09:58:38: : so ka ... "bruce printscreen" huh , "Actually the sample playback was originally based on bug in the 6581. That bug was fixed in 8580 and that's why samples play quiet with it." ... bad bigfuks
    Catham Joker
    05:09:27: : dislodged ... surprised i dont feel worse atm but i had to check what day it is , i thought id only lose one but not but now its not sunday after all ... rinse it off , whatever i said i forgot, that wasnt me anyway , the A.I. deepfaked my voice and overlayed the image, hacked my account and chatgpt wrote me a demo ... actually, what DO they do with audiovisual evidence in an age where "the" a.i. does amy winehouse after death ? its not worth much anymore is it ? ... saturday huh , well "take it easy" seems to be the way to go . My cat visited me , only one, quite a while didnt wake up this time ... kitten but i cant, if the thing lives another 20 like the others and i dont last that long id feel horribly irresponsible and actually here on psychopath hill in the middle of dogland-on-a-leash im not sure either since they opened up the street and i dont like a bird in a cage ... hell
    Catham Joker
    03:11:09: : hmm ...
    well before anyone gets funny ideas again lets start the winter
    Catham Joker

o there was a small piece here too
well : one thing : if we find something on pouet/demozoo and it doesnt have a video, it might be a great demo but time to spare to record , trim, polish and upload it is atm not available
the vids in the list are personal taste, the je ne sais quoi that makes the shards of JoG resonate, it doesnt necessarily need a style or a tek-levelImage
we only accept criticism in the form of demos. If our last prod is aug'23 we wont take it from someone who "used to crack a game once in 1985" ...

we dont really check the comments on youtube and demozoo doesnt seem to give email notifications either so its very possible if anyone by chance ever says something we miss it, mail is the best option and always ongoing lightweight afternoon tea coding :
and #stuff ...