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"the" demo
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unfinished routines
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  • 2023 08 : Assembly Summer 2023 - Demo: WAKE UP / RISE UP by OUTRON & Seven_dc
  • 2015 12 : The Return - Bitlove | 60fps (#NFTYR loader 60)
  • 2006 08 : 1995 by Kewlers & mfx (2006) (FullHD 1080p demoscene demo)
  • 2006 09 : Attentionwhore - hypotrain
  • 2023 08 : 1976 by Damage (3840x2160)
  • 2023 08 : Vague [Windows] (2023) MadWizards {Core i9 RTX 2080}
  • 2023 08 : Onset by Suspend
  • 2023 08 : Photons Are All We See - PC 4kB intro by Altair
  • 2023 08 : H26.33 by Ajna
  • 2023 08 : Proxima Centauri: Das Färjan
  • 2023 08 : Scene Archetypes by Istari (Amiga Intro) 2023
  • 2023 08 : silicate - byteobserver
  • 2023 08 : Trancy - a 256 byte intro for the WASM based MicroW8 platform, ranked 1st at Demodulation 2023 party
  • 2023 08 : LeCSIcon demo 2023 by CSI / БК-0011М
  • 2022 12 : The Box by Ümlaüt Design
  • 2022 12 : Batman Rises - Amiga OCS Demo (60Hz)
  • 2022 08 : Bayolea by Mawi (#NFTYR loader 124)
  • 2022 07 : C64 Demo: Lifecycle by Offence , Prosonix ! 2 July 2022 ! (#NFTYR loader #77)
  • 2022 04 : Transhuman/Pachinkoland - The Electronic Knights (real hardware capture)(#NFTYR loader 128)
  • 2021 06 : Triad - Uncle Petscii’s Droids of Star Wars | C64 Demo (#NFTYR loader #61)
  • 2021 06 : Freespin (#NFTYR loader #91)
  • 2021 01 : VOID - final version (Invaders) (#NFTYR loader #42)
  • 2021 ?? : C64: Blade Runner - Rachael and Deckard - Commodore BASIC Blue PETSCII
  • 2020 12 : Lovecats by Atlantis (2020-|-2021)(#NFTYR loader #43)
  • 2020 05 : Expand by Bonzai REU 512kb (C64) (#NFTYR loader #88)
  • 2020 05 : 5 Shades Of Grey - Lethargy [C64][Demo] (#NFTYR loader #46)
  • 2020 04 : VX2 by Spectrals (1st @ Revision Online 2020 PC Demo Compo) (#NFTYR loader #34)
  • 2019 08 : FairLight - The Last Truckstop 3 Demo (C64 demo) (#NFTYR loader #40)
  • 2019 07 : Ninjadev - Construct (#NFTYR loader #66)
  • 2018 11 : Unboxed by Bonzai (C64) (#NFTYR loader #67)
  • 2018 11 : The Star Wars Demo by Censor Design (C64) (#NFTYR loader #37)
  • 2018 08 : Fopcycle by Fairlight - Offence and Prosonix (C64) (#NFTYR loader #79)
  • 2018 04 : 2018 - phX by Condense (Amstrad CPC 6128)
  • 2017 04 : sp04 - Hello, Kevin - A Dental Journey - Spacepigs | Revision 2017 (#NFTYR loader #57)
  • 2016 11 : Atari Falcon 030 | Electric Night | Demo by Dune (Real Hardware)
  • 2016 10 : Bonzai - The Phoenix Code [2016] (#NFTYR loader #85)
  • 2016 10 : Performers - The Concert [2016] (#NFTYR loader #73)
  • 2016 10 : Monumentum by Hitmen (C64 demo, 2016) (#NFTYR loader #82)
  • 2016 04 : Darkness Lay Your Eyes Upon Me (#NFTYR loader #87)
  • 2015 07 : Sea Of Colour by Dead Hackers Society (Atari STe demo) 1080p50 (#NFTYR loader #48)
  • 2015 03 : OFFENCE 2015 THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT (C64) (#NFTYR loader #55)
  • 2014 10 : Text Mode Framework - Brainstorm | Function 2014 (#NFTYR loader #63)
  • 2014 10 : Booze Design - Uncensored - C64 Demo (50 FPS) (#NFTYR loader #52)
  • 2014 10 : Hackers - Megapetscii - C64 Demo (#NFTYR loader #49)
  • 2014 10 : Doom on VoCore take 3 (#NFTYR loader #45)
  • 2014 10 : OFFENCE & FAIRLIGHT & PROSONIX 2014 RGB (C64) (#NFTYR loader #76)
  • 2014 04 : the timeless - mercury | Revision 2014 | 64k (#NFTYR loader #78)
  • 2014 02 : C64 Scenedemo: We Are All Connected by Fairlight, Prosonix and Offence (Datastrom 2014) (#NFTYR loader #58)
  • 2013 08 : Offence & Fairlight & Prosonix - Scrollwars - Real C64, 8580 SID (#NFTYR loader #64)
  • 2012 04 : The Scene Is Dead - Razor1911 | 64k Revision 2012 (#NFTYR loader #54)
  • 2011 03 : Batman Forever by Batman Group (#NFTYR loader #81)
  • 2010 10 : We Are New by Fairlight (C64 demo, 2010) (#NFTYR loader #70)
  • 2010 04 : Fairlight & CNCD - Agenda Circling Forth (2010) demoscene PC demo 1440p60 (#NFTYR loader 72)
  • 2007 08 : ASD - Lifeforce (2007) demoscene PC demo 8K 60FPS (#NFTYR loader 51)
  • 2007 04 : Farbrausch - "fr-041: debris." | Demoscene (#NFTYR loader #33)
  • 2001-** : Demos for the unexpanded Commodore VIC20 (#NFTYR loader #69)
  • 2000 12 : fr-08: .the .product by farbrausch | 64k intro (2000) (720p HQ demoscene demo)
  • 1999 08 : Virhe by Mature Furk
  • 1998 04 : The Fulcrum by Matrix (PC Demo Mekka & Symposium 1998)
  • 1997 08 : [PC Demoscene 1997] Fields of The Nephilims / The Nephilims
  • 1995 07 : Batman Group - Batman Vuelve -= Amiga 50fps =-
  • 1995 12 : CNCD 1995 CLOSER (A1200)
  • 1995 04 : Dope (Complex, 1995, PC Demo)
  • 1987 ?? : Hobby-Tronic Demo '87 by Peter Sabath, 1987 | Atari 8 bit Demo
  • 197* ** : Demos from the '70s [TRS-80/HT-1080Z] (#NFTYR loader #75)
  • 1968 ?? : The Mother of All Demos, presented by Douglas Engelbart (1968) (#NFTYR loader #39)
  • we are aware of the youtube incentive to close down inactive accounts so they can shrink to sub-crotter size and the impact this might have on preservation, we want to re-download each and every one and keep it on our own account but not sure if that will succeed
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last entry added @2023 09 15: Elusive Dreams - it always feels like a bit of a "RTFM NUB" if no one took time to even record and up a youtube video (only saying youtube b/c its not a monopoly if there are no alternatives) ... these guys seem to have a track record that needs checking ... its good to have missed all of it since the old c64 broke down on the kid, its all NEW now hahah
Click to load playlist, menny pollogies trying to make this loadfastercookiefree, ... clicking here SHOULD load the playlist for now tho.
(if you wonder why @therealdemo doesnt have any c64 demos post 2020 its b/c they are inhere, no matter how you toss and turn it : a c64 is the first machine that ever said hello world to the kid ... that aint gonna change in this lifetime :)
or HERE to get the full playlist (moves to youtube)
last entry added @2023 09 10: Reality - firestarter

@updates 'n bla

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  1. 09/21/2023 :
    08:07:59: : VERY TIRED
    thats the huge problem then, ... like the unigine project folder for just stenhjemme is like 4 times this
    and this is at least but half of what it will be in size b/c you cant procedurally generate my cats, or historical artefacts
    and so
    yiss suh ... not the resolution but the color range SERIOUSLY makes a nasty diffrenz ... and i mean nasty even on this nice TV its nowhere near the original in shades
    anyone who doesnt feel like downloading 20gb of "demo" or a full 4k UhdR video (if i can even record that on this thing) is certainly not gonna get the lighting as intended
    and agk can only do FOUR pixel or eight vertex lights per object depending on which one is closest and the respective light range
    i dont even know if thats much ... and
    well the "hotcoal" has a baked lightmap to it or it wouldnt show the "hotcoal" properly
    before anyone here gets their phd in 3d environment starting from nearly zit it might be a while
    not that it matters ... i should drop, body hurts, tired
    theres more days before dead or demented, its too early to drop and stay down
    Catham Joker
    07:59:27: : tired ...
    from stuff:
    leaving out the objects with debugcolors, the empty spaces and the trails that arent tweaked out - a run on a "low-end" machine as opposed to the elder devrig shows it true that as long as the program doesnt black out it will run fine on this quirks the same : no UhdR on the 1080p tv but apparently running it in 1080p seems for one thing to halve the temp-nightsky sprite too (which probably wont be the only one then) the joy of programming for non-consistent systems so , to show that theres no spazzing on a machine that can record this without eating the already low fps (it stays at 60 - vsync(1) here no matter what so far) finally now theres some slowgress id like to waste as little time as possible on videos that get nothing and screenshots that get even less BUT ... proof of work and concept, maybe a little PoB too more like proof of braincell left at 17 trailpoints tho for this, seeing where the main CatActer is i think theres gonna be more than 200 in total but that doesnt take the space, the total folder is 4,1 GB / 3,3 compressed (unclean with all the unused media and objects in it) but incomplete b/c its only at the tent still and we still have so clear : ETA 2150, deadline : dead or demented ... AlleyCats mad director skills, spijtig genoeg was dat OOK niet weirken dus weeral gin sjans this should really be the last one for this in a while
    sure : set me up a business license in a country tahts not belgium and do the presenting for me ... i'll pay you half until theres a 3rd one, ofcourse women only , use sexism against itself and make it money without shame after all
    everybody wants to be the model
    j/k ... im sure im incapable of handling humans by now completely after 15 years of GAT ... but the thing : this thing i really wanna finish before dead or demented ... which could come ... well looking round the family
    anytime i suppose
    Catham Joker
    06:53:18: : "play" NES lol
    i think pay will be for water food electricity and protection money mostly ?
    Catham Joker
    06:51:27: : nope ... not bothered , just saying, like blender used to be "free software" and now its "free software that runs on a $15k pc" :)
    sign of the times, mortal kombat BRAND NEW ONE from the 90s, only a hundred dollar, (with in-game purchases!
    i mean, what, ARE YOU POOR OR WHAT ?
    i can probably pay NES til 2040 and still not be bored ... browsers is gonna be a problem tho but frankly my dear, i miss the internet less and less ...
    Catham Joker
    06:40:14: : i see, LTS is now 2 years, so "just stop being poor and buy another ryzen" ... every 2 years ?
    yea .. definitely FPGA for me
    Catham Joker
    05:58:04: : *waves hands* processes are abstractions made up by os devs big byte to sell more computers
    Catham Joker
    04:28:41: : break-at and wait(-between) added to trailpoints. reworking some of the first spaghettie to fit between the trails, debugles a bit more readable
    Catham Joker
  2. 09/20/2023 :
    07:14:48: : tho a breaker to break off interpolation lines before they're finished to move to the next one still seems like not a bad idea, its a bit unpredictable sometimes
    and something that should be linear looks a lot like easing in too
    if we get all this fixed up, its really gonna feel like a shame b/C its gonna be like half a virtual engine within AGK ...
    but thats okay, assuming we HAVE TO take into account we end like cuz or uncle , there's no 30 years left
    Catham Joker
    07:07:41: : which puts my braindamage in perspective b/c i already had something where 0 time motion bypasses the move settings
    staring me in the face right now, but for some reason not having seen it while adding the extra conditions, which was obviously a better idea b/c thats only one condition not 3
    heh ...
    yea its like right there ...
    thats precious
    Catham Joker
    06:45:58: : luminous ideas to move faster ... "use -1" instead of copy paste coordinates if trailpoint to the next stays in place ...
    slightly not meh, tho one of those after the fact OFCOURSE, obviously things ... since we're talking core i5 and up level cpus and gtx970 and up gpus i doubt adding 3 extra conditions between trailpoints is gonna make a lot of lag-cycles
    and if it works i guess it can be used for lookat all the same if it stays between two consecutive points
    sure ill get on patreon and do this thing in belgium like its easy ... how about someone pledges 1 billion and ill get on it ?
    nah? i guess not
    since i moved to trailpoints it almost feels like progress but atm now id like to get the whole trail in it, just location versus angle ratio between points, not exact to 1/10th second and certainly not object details. It feels like when i get the trail done, THEN we can start ...
    Catham Joker
    03:15:44: : a move closer to the jauar core and apparently a fairly new emulator by the guy himself.
    on mister fora its as it would be on most stuff thats popular in a living sub-main community ... lots
    so far i found 2 floating , some kind of "dual memory" which (i think) requires a hardware setup thats non standard (again bypassing the point mostly tho you cant theres an actual point but like someone on pouet who says "this demo works fine if you up the cpu to 4.2 ghz in the emu" or something)
    another one thats no longer maintained since 2020 and boots the growling cube (thats been a while) and it seems most games but once the gameplay starts its like a bad-coded demo where the timing of the rasterlines is off halfway (in most ive seen) and then
    there's one of the big names who has what looks like a so far empty repo waiting for something but i dont know git too well so maybe im missing something
    understandable how a nintendo64 will get more patrons than the mongrel of consoles but
    you know, how every machine on the planet has at least one person compiling doom at least once for it, its like its impossible not to try it
    well, from my lamers pov (which i most definitely am when it comes to fpga programming) coding a machine that was released with hardware flaws electron-perfect (so to speak) as in writing a faulty program by default but it has to be b/c all the official roms were written for it so they know the bugs and they wrote around it so in order to get a working core that runs the officially released library you need something like a faulty program that incorporates the hardware bugs the jaguar had.
    how can that not be a challenge to people who do coding challenges like others sit-ups daily i wonder but
    its a bit pointless, i dont have money to sponsor , i kinda ran-in with patreon too for censorship and ... i certainly cant buy a falcon (or jag for that matter) to send to a foreign country for decapitation so its "just wait" ...

    Catham Joker
  3. 09/19/2023 :
    06:22:59: : its only been a few days and personally not sure if ill ever get past "look at the blinking led" in coding this thing but i think what would be awfully great other than games is someone starting to write cores for classic toys like a groovebox or a rave-o-lution ? the bigger problem there (since thats probably less complicated than writing a complete computer or console which HAS a synth-chip in it , being the interface for a lot of things xept if you had something like on Orbit or what was that that doesnt have knobs but only goes thru midi
    as a second application to preserve the past
    Catham Joker
    05:50:42: : that time already ... no matter how i look at it, due to the nature of time being less the more you have used of it, im just gonna need extra lives
    if someone could just whip up a quick scheme for a retina-reflected-perfect holographic usb CRT-projector that fits within the 10-20 watts and takes up 3cm² extra
    that would be awesome thx
    Catham Joker
    05:23:16: : where they get off with "a 128 gb card is all you'll ever need" i dont know tho
    total size of requested files (187 GB) is too large for zip-on-the-fly
    Catham Joker
    05:20:51: : enthusiasm ? ... my brain doesnt generate those chemicals anymore, this place took care of that
    but ye, so why wont you be happy that i can be for once again
    just for a few, before the place takes hold again
    Its not just the "120 emulators in one box" b/c its not even emulators in a box
    its an ice-cream waffle-sized machine that eats 10 watts at most (but probably 20 if you add more stuff like a usb ssd or something i suppose, which would put it around a c64) but the actual thing is : if the MIST board was like generation-zero
    then the mister is like generation-one
    so that would be like : you have the 4bit cpu ... then you have the 8 bit machine
    and thats where these things are at on the timeline ...
    relatively speaking, if you're not a tribalist but a gourmand of programs and machines to process them, how can this not be something to tickle your timbers ?
    the archive, well no comment, to me it IS historical preservation but not sure if Nintendo or Sony would see it that way
    so get it while its hot perhaps ... that way it is preserved in many places
    i didnt know that until this week either, i knew about the site but not that it was the new reddit (Hurr-hurr, mister Williams ..)
    Catham Joker
    04:50:00: : would be nice to just slot a card and boot too, keep every machine on a sep card or like the one in the vid by cherry ninja .. a swipe card you just pass over it but i havent even opened the .ini file for checking its just like , i can smack as many things together as i like and the machine wont break b/c on/off will fix it, reinstall script will fix it, no chips will fry and
    if im not demented in 10 years maybe i can try to fix a motorola to a 64 ...
    (probably wont work without re-writing the motherboard but as a concept ...)
    Catham Joker
    04:46:19: : if you need a quick primer ...
    to me amiga is as good as virgin territory ...
    other than the demos every month on pouet i really dont know, i recognize the games that were on 64 ofcourse but as to "platform exclusive and later stuff" ... r&d is needed
    Catham Joker
    04:28:52: : m hm, "dont say emulation" ... i wonder if they have an actual word for this ghost in the machine ...
    Catham Joker
    04:28:05: : emulation down to the rsod software failure screen ... praise be, the oscar for machine of the year goes to ... opensource-man
    Catham Joker
    04:11:16: : wellll, everything xept the old machine ofcourse, when the last cat died i removed about everything thats decoration from the rooms ... when my memories fade everything will be gone and pointless anyway ... so the old box is perhaps the only thing worth looking at (xept the pictures of the cats)
    sounds depressed but with what recently got to my cousin in his early sixties and after what my uncle went in his early sixties , i cant say it keeps me awake or is gnawing but it certainly shows that the clock might already be ticking and we wont see 2050 no more b:c the lights will be out...
    cant even be fixed with money, if Gates gets parkinsons he's done for too ...
    i wonder what turned me so fatalist the thought of it doesnt even shiver me anymore
    Catham Joker
    04:04:33: : the one thing i didnt check .... it seems to run the remake of AMC and Giana sisters perfect fine, certainly has the loading times right heh
    totally configurable as with the rest, the menu even lets you pick "sid left" and "sid right" ... so 6581 in one and 8085 in the other gives a nice effect there in stereo ... some options for different kernals too, the original joystick works perfect in the user port ... no soldering no screwing, no pushing ports in and out ...
    if this thing could only do rtx 3070 it would be hard not to put everything else on ebay ...
    and the other 80 ... if i load a speccy or a cpc or bbc or mac
    i just dont know what to type to boot something so maybe later ...

    Catham Joker
  4. 09/18/2023 :
    18:47:34: : hmmm
    im starting to wonder maybe i should just sit back with a bavette and drool until death as i play 8bit games and 16bit games i never got to do
    like someone in a nursery watching re-runs of friends 10 years from now, slowly dying light
    its really something, and you JUST TURN IT OFF like you would your old 64, no garbage remains, its gonna boot when you press on
    no BSODS ...
    i dont think you can stop this kind of thing, best you can do is go with it i mean, think about the game that had more players than soviet belgium citizens : back when WoW was interesting someone made enough time to retro-engineer the servers so you could play your own session, with friends or underground
    now they decapitate ancient machines to retro-engineer them (for posterity)
    the one thing is : WHERES MY FUCKING FALCON ... i mean i WOULD if i had the money be patron number one for the falcon and the jaguar, even if the jaguar is a mongrel
    but i dont have that kind of money, otherwise id gladly donate one to be de-constructed so it can live forever
    Catham Joker
    15:23:11: : ya, but your world is too bland for me, you dont even recognize the ghosts in your own head that are truly there
    remnants of the past, STUCK
    looking as far as i can without Alice an the others
    id seriously consider agnostic polytheism if i were you ... room for everyone and nothing is untrue until disproven (CERTAIN MASSIVE DIFFERENCE IN PERSPECTIVE)
    it used to be different ... since we count it as "the sumerian era" it predates most current angles
    we wholeheartedly agree its the church of rome that started it, but thats only b/c the emperors were american enough about it to understand they had to adapt ... the emperor of the world became the pope (of the world)
    nothing changed afterwards, they kept usurping
    so the reaction is understandable , HOWEVER
    being 2023 and stuck until the next big bang
    "i wont be blamed for what Leopold did" and
    most of it is just an excuse to grab power isnt it so
    if we seem to be a fan of the arab boss-man
    thats maybe because we are heheh
    now, if you dont mind
    unless Ragnarok is today ... there's some #stuff to do
    cmdr Gato
    15:11:14: : hot? you dont say ... i think SHE is taking revenge for every time you burnt her heh ... EOF
    cmdr Gato
    15:10:12: : i serve the witch by understanding, by refusing the jeopardy-brain that can recite all of darwins boats names and
    being a-sync ...
    you : "I NEED A $15k RYZEN THEN ILL WIN !"
    no comment
    15:07:57: : i ate the pizza and i drank the beer last night ... it didnt get me to that place i think i remember

    i only recently found out when i saw a bottle on the back of a shelf : this is like "night train" (guns & roses) ...
    cheap incrowd swill, ...
    no thanks i'll pass, Irish spirits are too much, xept Morrigan herself ... how could i refuse the witch of islands if i serve the north
    here in Folk Vangr, far away from odins brawlers but nonetheless waiting for ragnarok, the inevitable day when fenrir eats the sun
    ask Neil Tyson, he'll tell you Fenrir WILL eat the sun
    the question is : how did odin get to that, hanging upside down from the tree of life to see all possible futures?
    ... SO
    you : I NEED A 150 hz Monitor THEN i'll win !
    ... no comment
    15:03:40: : yaw
    i dont wanna get all up in det-ass or something but
    i DO like X4 foundations and i DO like stellaris ... and i eagerly await blight and tekken 8
    but "the difference between gaming and hanging with the pack?"
    you : I NEED AN RTX 4090 cuz fps is under 200 and all my friends say overwatch
    its something like that, right ?
    14:27:55: : dunno, ...
    i think amiga/st (sacrilege to put that in one word i suppose?)
    i think "tracking" mostly ... but seriously opent to post 2020 gamedev, i mean i bought briley witch chronicles too and now ... "programmed by NASIR" ... doesnt sound japanese at all ? Square-soft, 3 people ?
    i bought a bundle actually on itch by SJA so its not just briley but briley is superb for a 64 game, .crt format aside, i mean its '23, theres no supercpu and no nothing to the machine, it just uses an existing format that allows more than 180kb floppies (its still smaller than some ultimas that come at 10 disks , which wouldnt even fit in an easyflash (or kunfu like i have) THX man from finland for soldering that up ... the borg cube is connected to half the planet really ...
    now canada too, with the joysticks (that cost €3 a piece but the end after EU feudal tax was more than €60 ...)
    but i read theoretically they CAN do cartridges up to 2mb, using the same whatever it is , 16kb banks inside that switch up on demand ?
    but you STILL have the real machine working there, its a question of storage and not having to "swap disk" it doesnt do anything to subtract from the origin
    and i havent gotten to eye of the beholder yet, and tho i think its a massive feat there, and i STILL WONDER if SJA does all THAT by her one self (?), EOB is not an exclusive there
    and i dont really know if briley is, if it is on amiga too or something

    so thats where cloud and lightning come from huh ?
    lightnings grandpa
    no nomura yet but they still have "character design" guy
    leave it to the jav ...
    Catham Joker
    14:05:17: : naw, if i found myself a euromillions-winner id still go for the originals but frankly my dear ... have you seen what those things go for ?
    thats like elonmusks-kid territory today
    not to mention what it eats
    but a CRT screen does pop up now ... the upscaler and fx are quite outlandish, i think they beat the retroscaler i use for the c64 , ALL IN THIS small box but its NOT
    like that 1970s tv the kid inherited to 64 on ?
    its not the same
    the thing is in cramped spaces without airco, a CRT is basically a heat source and there's also the part where my electronics aint advanced enough to fix one if it breaks, there's the price and the age of those things
    and there's that chinese company
    who sells them "per 1000"
    ... options are slim
    Catham Joker
    13:56:49: : mmm
    i dunno how to say this ? its re-vitalizing an old coot with youthful things but i dont think i have been this interested since i held a vocore on my pinky ... but this is a whole different level, more like dimension, not just next-gen
    i keep waiting for Elric to pop around the corner and say "this is our doing"
    the amiga seems to be an amiga, the newest i have ran on it is blood sugar rises tho that doesnt really seems to have super-tek to it ... so im looking for something thats more like "we are raping your chips here" in adf or hdf format and i havent gotten to checkig the ST really even if thats more "my turf" since i had one ... amigas are for rich kids guv, i had a second-hand ST after the first love broke down
    but it seems to go just fine ... ultima III looks pretty much the same
    tho that isnt much tek either and , it seems like the ST core wont boot unless the machine itself is fresh powered on and nothing has been done on it (for some reason that is WAY beyond my skillset at the present)
    but i have learned
    final fantasy tunes were catchy from day one
    Catham Joker
    13:40:47: : sitting on top of a 12 cm case fan ...
    i suddenly realize the psu hasnt been turned on since the blackout last night
    i dont know how hot something can get on 10watts max and i kinda dont know how anything at all can run on 10 watts, thats like half a c64
    and this thing has a ... i think 800mhz cpu in it
    so maybe thats why Nvidia was so gung-ho on buying ARM
    800mhz is like
    vanilla-WoW ...
    pentium 3-800
    (quit playing on release of the first expansion actually and i still dont see why i wouldnt have)
    ehj GEBS , wanna go grab something to eat ?
    i swear i wont make a move on your panties unless you jump me
    ... r&d ...
    im gonna turn on the casefan anyway, hardware never loses from a few celcius less
    Catham Joker
    13:23:54: : hm hm
    if i spend a year of scrapping copper it should not come as a surprise that i spend a few days poking it
    this is the result of not buying one snickers bar in 364 days
    the poor mans multiverse and to a lamers enthusiast such as us the fact that its a GHOST in the machine exactly like the living one makes all the difference in the world
    i DO get the impression theres some work to be done tho
    the Atari core seems to refuse unless i power off the thing and the reboot it ... i cant speak for the Amiga b/c i dont know if the actual adf files are functional or not
    considering the community and compo in and between ST/Amiga i would expect some engineer somewhere to be on it tho
    that leaves the falcon
    and i havent gotten any jaguar rom to work but
    i didnt know the final fantasy jingle dates back all the way to 1
    the arab boss prince will have to forgive the billion they didnt make more than the 10 billion they did last quarter b/c i play final fantasy for the very first time in my life (1) but its not something i can just not do
    yea, the guy bought stock in nintendo ... its really
    i dont even know if i can call that dude a politician, for an islamic state hes pretty progressive too imo, FORBIDDING girls in college to wear anything but the uniform (tho ... we could look at that from an otaku-in-power angle now we know he bought nintendo (partly) b/c face it : girls in school uniforms ?)
    thing is he forbids the fanatics from niqab "on duty" and i think thats progress
    which has nothing to do with any of this anyway
    but yea ... we are "somewhat" aware of the world
    tho not usually the thing they lie about on tv every day at six
    final fantasy huh, if that jingle doesnt spark you at genetic level
    you might not have been what the mundanes call "a gamer" :p
    im gonna put mister FPGA up next to running water and sliced bread for now
    maybe carried fire too
    and i wonder what the MARS is all about, can it do a ryzen and an rtx ?
    if so, it would save a lot of space (and electricity in this cramped hole) i certainly will be looking for "ways to browse the internet" so the other m³ of casing is no longer needed xept whats needed for what this thing CANT do
    before they illegalize it b/c it kills crotters 13th ferrari this week
    Catham Joker
    09:04:48: : right ... re-cap ..
    something turned off the electristey last night ... it was fairly dark when i woke up and nothing worked
    post-apocalyptic visions of the nearby future ?
    luckily i didnt have to kick in the bats but just flip the switch
    that fpga board ... i wonder what these people who are like "all you need is a 64gb card" are about b/c after 24 hours i was well over 200 ... i think if i want to move to 486 i'm simply gonna need a separate one
    it came with an amiga 1200 but that card is formatted weird, its a 32gb card with an 8gb partition i cant seem to resize with gparted
    but other than that, it REALLY is the Tekno-mage today ... i'm still not really over it how half a universe of retro fits in something i can stick in my pocket
    as for the rest ?
    i bet "the world is fine" en TOMORROW ! gaat het lukken
    im sure it is
    im too old for that, im just an old guy grasping at things from its youth i couldnt have and always wanted
    Catham Joker
    08:00:00: : looks like that didnt get the zone or emotion back
    Catham Joker
  5. 09/15/2023 :
    19:26:46: : im not sure i can explain the full scope of this "why would you wtf" thing is to me
    a rank amateur hobbyist skitzo with a half functioning braincell and whats left of the rest mostly in short circuit most of the time
    who likes the program but doesnt give a shit about the compo except the winning demos b/c they are made of awesome, woaw and art (and NOW CULTURAL HERITAGE BTW MUAHAHAHAHA , i am speaking erudite intellectual here from this year on)
    its like, all the retro machines i ever wanted to own ... but in this life certainly cant afford anymore .... in a magic box, the size of an icecream waffle that takes 5 VOLTS (2amp standard supply i saw with my Trumanglasses on) AT ELECTRON LEVEL ...
    this one came with an amiga , so it IS an amiga, that part is something one would have to read upon b/c to most why not an emulator is a fairly good question,
    but not to a rank amateur fanatic hobbyist
    so thats like, last week or two weeks ago i saw an amiga 1200 while drooling on 2nd hand sites, GO FOR $5500 .. five thousand five hundred dollar, thats JUST the one set
    so this IS an amiga 1200 at electron level, all the chips and cables, all the lanes, the I's the O's ... the gates all in a circuit that makes babylon 5 teknomages look like they're happening today ... AND
    it can hold about ever machine i ever wanted
    the Atari Falcon, as niche as it is i will be rooting for the core to happen , thats the one i REALLY wanted all the time back then and today tehse easy go for a good $3000 just as well , and also just try to find one
    and then like 80 others, AND consoles AND arcade machines, the complete electronic circuitry AND software on the roms and eeproms ALL in that 5 volt icecream waffle
    now if you think thats it
    the kid always wanted to know some about electronics and what do we have here : a box that can hold anything below and from a 650x to a motorola 68030 (x68000) and whatever sega saturn and nintendo 64 used ALL IN THERE
    HENCE, romans, ... countrymen ... lamers, prol33tarians, plebs, patricians and other (cant forget the "other" or the americans will come at night to stake your house)
    if it can hold that, it can hold hi school circuit boards that go "LOOK AT THE BLINKING LED"
    without soldering
    without components
    without one extra cent, no short circuit burning the machine, and as many retries as you want
    ... with 6 usb ports .. its like a universe inthere
    so as to your question, at first thought without getting creative or wonky or dreamy
    "thats what it is to me" ... its not a crotter product either, its all open source and made by freeple so i bet if you take care of it it can easy have a lifespan of a classic c64 (or amiga thats been taken care of probably all the same), by then i'll be 150 years old and the mines will be dry
    ... in de hoop u hiermee voldoende te hebben geinformeerd solderless 5 volt holding 100000s of euros of retromachines eco-friendly electronics hischool kit (more like engineering probably if i look at the language lol)
    right then ....
    Catham Joker
    13:02:58: : janeskvikavatar2.gif , you'll see, by 2150 we code fairlight, brozai and umlaut design off the stage and outglop sensenstahl as we have taken over demozoo and and categorically censored everything that has "a.i." in the title ...
    (and i bet some would take this seriously as always too ...)
    try to not run into a lightpole on the weeken i know someone who once did, evading someone who fled and its was a good 150000 francs back then ...
    get a cab for those shrooms in the woods, dont drink more than you can drive and
    dont buy pills "from strangers" hah hah hah
    catham joker out
    Catham Joker
    10:43:58: : he
    these guys are SO brick 'n mortar, employing more people than the average microsoft studio i bet

    THAT IS "buy local", right ? or will thy be contra-dicting theyselves again ?
    they get ko-finanziert by the EU ... cultural heritage brick & mortar style museum arbeit perhaps ?
    ... YOU GOTTA
    aint nowhere here you'll find that stuff ... and actually ... we also believe 10.000 of those is a lot better than 1 of crotter
    the fact that they can get buy on one brand ... shows how live the thing must be really
    nah we didnt get redux for showing the spot
    but we do believe cbmretro, amigastore and many other small ones thats what a real backbone of a real economy is, not one huge blob eating everything
    thats enough for this week ... im gonna put a lock on the birdie
    KIDS !!!! .... "dont drink more than you can drive" in fact, dump that car and just take a cab to the woods for the shrooms
    Catham Joker
    06:06:02: : dunno about any of that, bub, thats for the competitive psychopaths and others who like to measure dick size
    by "Minters Law" it says : "things in your mind , make them happen" so i dont see what else matters ?
    this is solace, not sparta
    Catham Joker
    05:13:29: : yes, lots of cc0 and creative commons, the WHOLE pd-world is our crew bc otherwise we certainly dont have enough extra lives, you are free to contribute if you feel likee "O BUT I CAN THAT MODEL SO MUCH BETTER" and we'll certainly add your name to the credroll hah ...
    i dont see the problem ? do we have something to prove or what ? i didnt think so
    handshake-day aint happening, should have thought of that at the last 10 years ago, probably 20 , definitely 15
    allright, times a wastin b/c day will be here soon and then its
    then its day
    Catham Joker
    05:08:51: : with the new thing installed after watching (is that really "just one guy"?) "something that looks like a playbutton" and some kind of resistance to not clapback to thing unless during household phase it went past trailpoint 2 to 12 after like "month(s?" hard to count since you murdered the last cat in just a week which boils down to "some half hours" b/c its on the clock and if its not absolutely nothing gets done ... and a small glitch in vised where the cam relocation unit was an integer so using 0.1 didnt really move anything but 0.5 moves it by 1 which is too fast for using the new press s to save trailpointpos, it certainly helps but it still feels like 2150 eta at the very least b/c even if all the trail is ready then the real thing starts, not to mention out-pixeling all the cat-decal pictures which are mostly 2k or up ... "making the most of dumped in a hole you will never get out of to prevent mass murder"
    (and in comes thing :"WE think you're not THAT blabla b/c NOW its convenient but OTHERWISE you're a psychopath and a creep/weirdow ...)
    Catham Joker
  6. 09/14/2023 :
    07:03:44: : yah owell , look at the time, lets not push the body where it wont go anymore or it will take it back to where it was before it started and time just keeps diluting. Too bad, all stuff like this woulda been hella fun when fun still existed
    Catham Joker
    07:02:10: : mmmm, well but a whole algorithm that records every step and then extrapolates the keypoints to build one single spline including rotational axes for the cam viewport over the whole trail ?
    that sounds a bit above my head with what i have left really, unless i get some kind of magic light and regeneration and the whole place disappears from around ... but being able to move to a space anywhere and then save the coords / rot + "wait object" to a file should just already help
    and again, just in case : this is not "a demo" as one would think of "a demo" ... its a memorial for my last two cats -
    Catham Joker
    06:42:11: : after seeing "something that looks like a play button" by umlaut design (now thats an impressive track record over the years) we had the luminous idea to modify the "godmode" (aka VISED) function to now save "object" on object mode and the camposrot on move mode so the coords of a new trailpoint are there, the problem being the program uses the magic lookat function and the get functions only get the rotation (whereby the point is that during interpolation if you use lookat you are certain the viewpoint is where you want it b/c it will work for moving objects) but if you use interpolation between x y z rotation angles no guarantee ( ... )
    which should help creating a 200 point trail or something over the course of 50 years but i think we are far from the box still
    giving it some thought, if a crew like bonzai or performers does a year for an X-demo, smashbros takes more than that and a "we are not microsoft just owned by it studio takes 4-5 or more years using 200 inhouse gnomes and some outsourcing studios + "experts" on the set with crotter billions
    we just HAVE TO stick to the eta of 2150 here ...
    Catham Joker
  7. 09/13/2023 :
    16:43:00: : yohoho
    sup dat, never said we are or part of RBBS ...
    ?? i said by 2150 RBBS


    JoG-who-finally-releases-a-full-demo gets an honourable mention
    the punny is in the fact that the dutch scene has been 40 years of frontline and here in bruoc sala ... with the people of the swamp you cant really say that so it would take a while for unesco to consider something even just consider as "cultural heritage" b/c you cant be that after just a few years
    in de hoop u hiermee voldoende te hebben geinformeerd lol
    that kinda kills the punny bit
    but right, todays lost it seems, wrestling-with-glsl ...
    Catham Joker
    12:06:15: : 2023 : (just saw on pouet and i thought it was a lulz)
    2150 : RBBS and JoG, finally releasing a full demo itself get an honourable mention by unesco, however , belgium has a long way to go and is partly north-sea by now which helps with cooling the datacenters but not so much with the rest)
    Catham Joker
    07:47:32: : giger-Alice ... ( yea its a "thing" we and Alice, not just the one from the others who might not even have been its hard to say since the kid before the kid who has all been there)
    harder to not get personal when the crack of dawn forces itself into your face and everything is no longer equal in the dark, cars call their master to the feeding trough and all the ugly in the world of humans becomes visible, and face it, no matter how you turn it, "crack" is rarely used in a positive denomination
    its the thing where it was all just a linear heap of sections and now has to go to trailpoints(datatype) or else its gonna get too messy even for the likes of a living maze (if you ever "get into my head" i bet you'll never find the way out, some of us have been wandering here for aeons and we were all born here, not fysically tho, but just "inhere") and artefacts
    everyone LOVES artefacts !
    create funny shit like "o look there somewhere in the middle stands a small word that deletes the motion" after its been created in the new trailpoints loop
    so its basically still stuck inside the tent good thing there werent more than 7 yet (xept the ones after with the sandstone cubes and the bastet head and custom shadered normalspec w2 lights that arent pointlights which got done first and the got the idea to start somewhere completely far away (not TOO far, about 300 units but in agk theres no such thing as centimeters or meteres)
    o yea ctulhu-alice (ofcourse)
    and so and so - high time for second cycle or we burn again
    Catham Joker
    07:27:49: : i bet details like a pointlight radius melting down as a fire-particle system goes "out" (down) is abit for granted and maybe most wouldnt even notice its in the loop but
    yea well ... this is one thing i certainly wanna finish, even at 5 lines of code at once ...
    Catham Joker
    07:25:04: : why am i not void of humans in my cube in mongolia - the night is gone ... the trailpoints ... converting it with a melted brain that wasnt much anymore to start with shows the blind spots, but theres one inexplicable light. I see the fire/light fading backward on the earthquake as the particles go down and everything in place but theres some kind of ambient light somewhere, ... no debug mode by default that says "showlights on"
    thus go-eth the night
    well, with 2 ppl in the family cathching it at early 60 ...
    its not like i lose sleep over it b/c life was over on the day they stuck me here but it would be nice if i could at least finish a few things even if its certain that i'll rot in gat for life
    Catham Joker
    04:26:20: : when we finally figure out how to keep that sprite in the top left border during multiplexing under irq
    i think sites like these are where the power of javascript really comes out, not the eyecandy demos ... here you have verilog to emulate using javascript in a browser a machine written to run on an electronic circuit as a real machine you can run .. probably maybe javascript programs on
    they have a c64 section too, with obvious cookies but the kind i dont mind, the pic i uploaded 2 weeks ago was still there together with the sample code
    added the page to the rcs page list on almorkat
    Catham Joker
  8. 09/12/2023 :
    14:16:24: : look on the bright side : everyone amish so you can all have two wives (as if one aint enough to lose your hair, right hurr hurr, remember when you could say that without being pipebombed and the slap in the face felt like an achievement?) b/c you cant launch a rocket on a woodstove, plain and simple but that A.I. everyones so scared of : HAL9001 wont have a board to run on unless it skynets itself to the point where it can go soylent green on the excess population (by then about 15 billion too much as opposed to the 7 billion too many today) to reclaim the minerals and 3d print itself in continuity
    ehj, how d'ya like dem scifiez
    Catham Joker
    14:13:49: : ofcourse the first question that rises is "can you fit paula, tom, jerry and a whole 3dfx card into a commodore 64 and make it work outpout ... put ..." but for as probably getting it to "LOOK THE LED BLINKS!" with something we wrote should be like a backpat moment
    and hree we are again
    all this funky shit inside, lost but HEY look at the bright side, the world has a good 40-50 years before the important mines run dry
    it doesnt matter :)
    Catham Joker
    14:02:42: : dunno, dearie ...
    i doubt we will come up with the quantum-fpga code by da vinci but see if you are like african-Woz in the 60s and 70s and you're stuck in the desert with a 5v psu and this you can just design your apple and if you dont like it, you delete it and design another one, ALL IN THERE , with no soldering kit, no kit, no flux, no components to fuel the war between Joe and Xi ... HELL imma shut up before they make it illegal
    tsch ... my twisted logic dreams
    how much time of what little time there is to spare in these days, sleeping condition included have i wasted today typing this here bullshit here again
    Catham Joker
    13:46:25: : wrong textbox
    this doesnt feel like "rain in 22 degrees" somehow, someone must have mis-fed the A.I. somehow or else it really IS just a glorified search engine that can recite stuff on google
    see ? i was thinking all week electronics for poor people ... solderless, componentless, b/c in my twisted logic dreams : "if it can hold an x68000 and a 68020 amiga 1200 atari st(e) (and hopefully at some point a FALCON !!!!)
    it can run a hi school sized electronics learning board ... b/c no space no money and no room for trial and error
    i didnt even think of that before but it should be PERFECTLY possible and apparently it is : "lesson 1 : the blinking led" (how classic IS that ?)
    ? des?
    and with that, we're gonna see what the house feels like and also paper and probably some laundry , and if we get ALL THAT DONE IN THIS DAY , that would be awesome, thats about the state of it
    Catham Joker
    07:53:56: : hm, actually got like 3 things done woaw ... the flipcoin has been merciful
    this way, even if we dont wanna further the current layout but switch to the diskmag style, this section can be more easy re-used and if any logos appear in multipaint they just have to be copied to the folder and thats that. After all , when the world was youn : programming was for lazy people who like to have the machine do it while they play quake
    Catham Joker
    07:49:03: : ssaaa
    they murdered perl
    im sure theyre trying to turn php into python as we speak too
                <img src='media/logos/<?=$tmp ?>' width=320><br><?=$tmp ?>
                <br> JoG 2023,
                <br> <sub><sub>switched it so it can pick one from a folder in case we actually get to making more of them (and hopefully better)
    			so far, <br>logopic attempts made with</sub><a href=''>Multipaint</a>

    all that gud stuff
    Catham Joker
  9. 09/11/2023 :
    19:00:09: : naynay, i think i remember something like "what might a browser today on a c64 look like" so the screenspace is 640x400 but the characters are 16x16 so you get 40x25 there, it would be ofcourse be pretty impossible to stream youtube vids considering the limited cache, display memory and ofcourse, processing speed to decode the video but thats not it, until i saw that diskmag and i thought well thats a lot better way to display all that in an easily accessible way (i keep forgetting names sorry, its must be one of the bigger ones, i have it stashed for reference) looks a bit like early windows with the startbar
    and outside it looks like the dark clouds were a feint and its gonna be clouded all night so the heat cant escape - - - ... ruff
    anyhoo ... it matters not
    Catham Joker
    18:18:14: : strawberry pudding , shower and wait for the thunder ... bring it !!!!! THOR !!! bring it !!!!! im melting
    Catham Joker
    18:12:20: : the agony of realizing its 6 and everything hurts reminds why i dumped browsers : the "IT WORKS" is nice until the next update probably ... should be a little more accessible on almorkat , looks funny on a 4k screen on this layout, fine on 1080p actually more or less as should and "k" on the 15yo flapdop we got donated ...
    getting an hour of "undefined" ... b/c the property isnt there in the topside definition of the DOM
    makes me feel dom sometimes
    Catham Joker
    07:22:30: : the quest for cycles, ... i havent actually found a ZEND monitor yet like that one article i once read by the one guy somewhere who checked his php code AFTER compilation to see how he could adapt the source to end up with less (like a boss i dare say ole chap)
    tho i doubt it really matters in a day where most of any page on any site is 90% analytics && delivered by CDN, linked scripts or linked sheets, since this is a zeromoney brainrotprevention site , small stuff like having the updatescript (janesbirdie) generate one extra file on entry to put in the folders somewhere so the index page has to read only that while the full JB reads the entries as they are and generates the page from it
    "the small things in life" that makes one feel slightly not meh in the hours before dawn kills it all
    i would still like carte blance signed in blood on legal paper to remove anyone responsible or knowing off how and why they stuck me back in gat with the passport as proof of "killroy did it" from the genepool, so let me know if i can start, i would go at it with great care so i dont miss a spot
    Catham Joker
    06:29:04: : spending 35 minutes on a vertical align for a custom h2 in a div with an image ... for a website without ads, cookies (and probably visitors tho that last part seems to be less likely than before somehow) on a piece no one will ever notice b/c the difference between 125 and 150% is almost invisible on the big resolution ... is there any other way to do it :^p
    Catham Joker
  10. 09/10/2023 :
    12:14:11: : nex time someone says to me i spend time on strange things
    Catham Joker
    04:20:40: : to think the ventilator only works b/c im so sticky from the heat ...
    So : re-capter 1 :
    • Having picked up the idea that TRSE would be better to do a game it b/c it would allow for faster work and starting out with re-making fairtribute, the remake of the javasript version of the old woodo flt intro which just happens to be the one the kid remembered best into fairtribute64 as prg1 we quickly discovered the current version of TRSE was missing a constant for sprite/background priority , as we already knew how to display a coloured scanline without jitters that was the missing bit, as well as the scroller that kept jumping seems to have needed different timing, which actually makes total sense at that level of machine access
    • moving to prg2 "open borders" that was actually a pretty easy routine to find, in this case the sideborders are filled with remodelled pet and 4sprites filll the top and bottom, static, that worked
    • moving to prg3 "plex luthor" shit falls apart ... theres a scroller so there cant be characters on the sides, plexing seems to be harder than it sounds but most of the docs dont seem to address the upper and lower borders (so far that we seen), it all works xept for the sprites over coloured lines and one in the top left, but actually as we can see the one in the top right isnt IN the irq routines, its static on the init, the one in the top left immediately disappears the moment it gets put in the irq routines. Digging further in prol33tarian territory both cadaver and the codebase and on top "the raistlin papers" make at least one thing clear : the y coordinates : since we still have coloured lines some sprites wont do right there as they are too short after eachother so in the light of "on a pal machine we have 63 cycles per scanline (considering a NOP is 2 that is actually less than i thought) and a sprite moving over tickles the timing on that line (so it looks at least so it probably is) we would have to get rid of the inner lines at least and preferably the outer or risk a loop spanning x lines within which one sprite can be set. IN THISE CASE we are looking at sprites that are static on the y coordinate the idea is to get as much as possible , open borders + sprites screenspace for content, the aim is a game after all, not a demo
    with that in mind we still have to conclude, not being a scenoid who doesnt even wanna bother putting in a job application for csdb b/c i need to give a reason to join (yea well ... dont let that force you into changing it if its your idea of how to do it, its not like we'll be the next fairleet) : if we cant do a 4k intro with a gfx , a sid, a scroller and open borders by 2040, multiplied by 5 for each physical crewmember not present doing its very own thing for the one proggy we'll admit defeat
    in the mean time : we wont be competing hahah
    well i dont think so, cant remember asking to be hyped, advertised or boast anything but enthusiasm and the 1st machine to ever say hello world to the kid ...
    that said ... bring the demos !!!
    Catham Joker
    04:04:40: : myeah, 4 in the morning, im sitting in a boiler ... these things were less hard on dhour and pukkelpop imo
    since its time for the morning papers let me recap what my current brain thinks it thinks about it so far
    Catham Joker
    03:33:45: : "aargh, it was saturday" and the hottest day is today ? ... hmmm, awesome sid-tunes, intros, gfx and demos not just old men with old cracks (the other 99% who make the ad-money for the site?)
    its "the scene" so no one would do this much in one day for lulz
    unless there was a compo ... and indeed ... well thats good , so what was that last FLT demo and .... all the others are just working on the next one for 'X 24 and
    fresh FOSS is hard to find (for instance we dont seem to be capable of even getting a sprite in the bottomleft border with open borders but thats okay b/c we are just jumping around and not part of a scene anyway tho its like something somewhere must explain that but its also like theres 9 billion other articles to read on 6 billion other machines with 7 barrels of rover and"
    so its gonna be the hottest day TODAY huh ?
    somehow thats not encouraging, so the load of fresh comes JIT
    Catham Joker
  11. 09/09/2023 :
    13:41:08: : well now, after checking half a ton of videos, ... the onlhy thing i saw from an fpga was something at revision before i think the "demo without software" but
    if this is not the machine your write machine language for demos, but you write to write the machine language on within an electrical circuit ?
    guess i dont have to worry about writing my own cores for the time being then ... slightly above my level heh
    but in effect you could just as well run a 303 or a groovebox or a rave-o-lution on it ?
    except that the interface would be a bit hard b/c they're all custom knob-sets (unless you get some kind of 17 inch touchpad connected, which somewhat denies the price and maybe also the fact that it runs all of that from a 5volt charger?
    yea thats quite something ... as is the heat today .. should be the hottest, but the clouds will make it 30% worse and if they dont then the heat wont escape at night, and then
    tuesday a bit of donnerwetter that lays waste to all the plants in the garden in 10 minutes
    not that its surprising anymore, after some years now
    but I DONT REALLY GET THE IMPRESSION this thing is getting better
    over the years
    Catham Joker
    11:33:16: : man .... " " ... "we have 63 cycles per scanline on a PAL machine is kinda useful" but i dont see anything about why the sprite below 255 is missing so im just left with "the hunch" on $D011 (its d011? must be nice to have like all $FFFF locations and every bit of it packed into your head ready for use)
    i guess if i get stuck too long i'll just move for now and keep digging, its not the intention to write the demo of all demo-killers after all
    and its too hot
    i dont even really dare turn on the old machine and go to church today b/c even with the fans on it ... well hot air blown around a room is still hot air right ?
    it survived 40 years to get to me, im really careful with it
    two more days of tropics hm ?
    Catham Joker
    06:52:59: : i just gotta guess for now, the last sprite wont display b/c its below 255 and releasing it clashes with the 249 irq that opens the border up so setting 1xxxxxxx to euh D011 yes freezes the whole thing ...
    looks like there is much reading to do ... all the examples there dont seem to talk about lower borders but i do believe the last fairlight demo has sprites in that place ...
    ah, to be a lamers ... such woe
    Catham Joker
    03:42:04: : fuh ... "we dont know how to crack but cracktros are hellacool"


    i wonder sometimes since about 99% on csdb seems to be old men with old cracks lol , its pretty rare to pick one out thats fresh and new and if so then its mostly a sid tune too ... ofcourse
    we firmly stand by the principle that its better to turn out one X-level a year than 24 a week
    the heat is intolerable i really wasnt made for sub tropics - even outside at this hour it hasnt really cooled off and
    my level of electronics wont allow me to fix up a poor mans airco xept the ventilation shaft in the morning getting cold air in from the out which after almost an hour makes the room sleepable
    Catham Joker

o there was a small piece here too
well : one thing : if we find something on pouet/demozoo and it doesnt have a video, it might be a great demo but time to spare to record , trim, polish and upload it is atm not available
the vids in the list are personal taste, the je ne sais quoi that makes the shards of JoG resonate, it doesnt necessarily need a style or a tek-levelImage
we only accept criticism in the form of demos. If our last prod is aug'23 we wont take it from someone who "used to crack a game once in 1985" ...

we dont really check the comments on youtube and demozoo doesnt seem to give email notifications either so its very possible if anyone by chance ever says something we miss it, mail is the best option and always ongoing lightweight afternoon tea coding :
and #stuff ...