str_contains is l33t ...




  1. bubblegum galaxy-pack-v0.00.tar.gz
  2. 1696258690 October 02 2023 16:58:10.
    $ md5sum bubblegum\ galaxy-pack-v0.00.tar.gz 
    d2aa8ec21db879a0a609447eb76d12f8  bubblegum galaxy-pack-v0.00.tar.gz
    (2023 03 28)


  3. bubblegum galaxy-pack-v0.01.tar.gz
  4. 1701791228 December 05 2023 16:47:08.
    $ md5sum bubblegum\ galaxy-pack-v0.01.tar.gz 
    bubblegum galaxy-pack-v0.01.tar.gz



  1. 25-64
  2. .

  3. lonelyraster
  4. .

  5. boundrless
  6. .

  7. 1st1(k)
  8. .


quick taken from alleycat64

the md5sums should be of the present file, will try to keep former hashes + date or version of file too, obviously no md5sum for .d64, .crt (or potential future .st or .adf) even if chrome and firefox thinks they might be harmful to your pc - if anyone feels booboo about it, send a mail and we'll put one up, we just dont see the point for those, the linux executables will always have one (of the latest version presently on download) - the windo...oowhat ?(... pigs might fly yet, no idea)
ZeroDesign doesnt design
O ...
you want a license with that ? we dont really do license, since our marketing gf is absent, JoG license states you can distribute this unaltered wherever you want as long as the downloaded file remains equal to the hash here (by version) , if you can make money selling this have a blast and give us half, you can NOT use any of the code or routines to train any kind of A.I.
will that do ? b/c we can feel boring and thats dangerous