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this is a page with downloads for mister fpga , Atari ST(e) (hopefully Falcon later) and Amiga cores, demos post 2020, not our own, but stuff we got from pouet or demozoo which, if it wasnt, we converted to .adf or .st format , most of it will autorun when inserted, NONE OF THIS IS OUR OWN WORK, but the conversion might be ... if WE have an amiga or ST demo, it will be on the other "jog" page, thx

too bad , the server doesnt seem to support symlinks so well have to put an index page in every single folder there ... ... giving me points for nice try at least that would have saved a lot : edit 1 : get 20




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  3. Commodore
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you want a license with that ? we dont really do license, since our marketing gf is absent, JoG license states you can distribute this unaltered wherever you want as long as the downloaded file remains equal to the hash here (by version) , if you can make money selling this have a blast and give us half, you can NOT use any of the code or routines to train any kind of A.I.
will that do ? b/c we can feel boring and thats dangerous