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  • the close loader button has been checked on 4k and 1024x768 so it should be visible everywhere now, aint we the nicest undefined things now ?
  • while were at it also at 640*480,720*480,720*576,800*600,1024*768,1280*720,1360*768 AND 1920*1080 but we recommend using 4K if possible. the site is accessible (apparently it wasnt under a certainres b/c the closeloader button was hidden due to css centering.) The loaders that are too ill-displayed under 4K wil be checked as-goes. For the rest there should be any theme working from VGA and upward, simpltone horizontal and vertical should do most ... (therest is wip, unless you got the money?)
  • the whole site is written on a 4k screen - thats no offense to people who dont have any but its a hobby that makes no money. We dont feel like adding 50 lines per browser and resolution OR downgrading the code and layout for playing around just so one-size fits all, THEREFOR, some loaders will display bad on resolutions under 1080p (1920x1080) and a few dont fit completely in the iframe, afwk the themes itself should work fine and when added more, most themes will be browser or set-res specific anyway. Its just some of the loaders, you can ctrl+/- if you like or whatever you browser uses for that. We dont test on phones but if someone wants to hand feedback (FEEDBACK, not trolling) it will certainly be read

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any subsequent braindamage will not be held responsible for me ...

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